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New York, March 7. The steamer Arago has arrived from Hilton Head and Charleston Bar, 4th. Sbe brinca some twenty officers, wounded io Florida, and fiftyfour rebel deserters. Colonels Rust, Moore, Sammons, Meyer, Slidell and Jackson are among the passíígers. Nothing new from Charleston. The lombard inent still continued with good effect. The rebels replied at interals, but rarely doiug damage. The sijpply ateamer Bermuda is reported to have captured a rebel privateer in sight of Fort Pickens, aftqr an eiciting ehase. All quiet at Jackson'ille, on tlie 2d. Ileinforcements are tipidly arriving, and General Seymour's position was RufBeiently foniiidabla to Mpel any attack. Our troops are putudethetown, sorue of tliem at a disnee of eight miles. ïhe fprtiQoatiooi I front of Jaeksonville are of an exten we character. Plags of truee had couiWnicated with the "rebels, for the purposo of endeayoriug to obtüin our jounded, who feil into their hands " request was refused. Xhe main "y o( the enemy is encamped between "i Milo Run and Baldwin, with a con'iderable forcé at Ten Mile Run. The 'ebels admit Iheir loss to be enormous, Baieeven setting it as high as 2,000. On the 27th a small skinnish oceurred Wwecn our cavalry and the rebels near Camp Finnegan. The rebels had five Jjouaded. None of our men were hurt. eneral Gilmore arrived at Jaeksonville thi 29th. , Tlio TFord's New York letter says it !s reported tliat 20,000 rebels are mareh"ü through Western Louisiana. 'jen. Banks has sent a largo cavalry '"aiufantry forcé uto tho Teche coiin$ _ . Itis rumond that the Seeond Louis1Jna Cavalry have been captured by rebela. Tbe naval attack on Mobile is said by ie same correspondent to be a mere wmonstration against Fort Gaines to Pr"ent Maury from gning to heip Polk. 's rumored one or two vessels were '"Ppled and the fleet put out of range. n talhoun is said to have boen sunk. Uur troops are rapidly retara ing from Cavallo, Texas, and those already M e1dohave gone to the Teche, whore tle 1,200 of oar meD are


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