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Great Outrage In Dayton

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Another of those acts of lawlessnesa and eritna which have become so frequent, and whieh indicates how entirely the public rnind has beoome demor. alized and debased. took place yesterday. A number of furloughed soldiers went to the office of the Empire, the democratie organ, and riddlud it. - Althoügh the leader of theo men asumed tho entire responaibility of the act, it is not difficult to seo behind him íhe real Bllthors. These soldiers have dciived thpir nformation of the Empire from the misrepresentatioos ot the abolition leüders, and were uodoiibtedly instigated dy them to the commission of an act that the Latter were too cowardly themselve to perform. We do not think any commentnry is needed upon such acts as this. Every calm and rationul man enn pee where they leitd, and can discover the pceds ol violence that they are sowing in the oommunily, which wil] produce, ere long, tho most bloody and destructivo fruit. It is very ceatain Ihat all such acis of inob violente, of outrages upon Freedom of speech and of the presa, strengthen the party against whom they are direeted - the democratie, organization, wbich it is vainly supposed, can be crushed out hy them. VVo warn the gentlemen of the republican party of this fact. They are nllowing a policy to be pursued ihat is covering theni with shame and disgrace, and whioh thu tida of time will -not efiace from the pagos of history. Theso violent and outrageoue atternpts to destroy the iberly of the democratie press, wben the republicans havo two to our one in tlie state and country, only shows the desperate straits tfareir party is driven to, and will a waken tho Datura] aml patriotio erno tiotis of eyery tnw lover of liberty throughout the land. It will, as aure aa there is a just God, recoil with terrible retribution upon the heads of the real authore. ïhure is an instinctive love of' justicQ in all men, no matter how much they nay ba prejndiced in the honr of paesion, that will, in their reflectivo moments, conderau all such infaraous acts. It is a policy that tends but too Biirey to the overtbrow of all the gnarantees of life, liberty and property, by wbich we have baen surrounded, and surrender ihem tip ta unreatraintd anarchy and license. L=T The Richjnoud Whig of the 7th, inat., says eight hundrcd and sixtyoue prisoners arri-ved lieve yesterday uuder charge of Major Mulford, to be exchanged under stipulutions of the cartel, [t is hoped that regular exchanges will be resuraed for the future. ColoDel Cliickering, of the Third Massachusetts Oavalry, lias beea appointed A?sistant Provost Marshal General of Louigiana. His duties will be to superiutend the lab.or systeiu iostituted hy General Banks jL3 It is said the Confedérales have put the captured officers of Gen. Kilpatrioks coratnand in irons.


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