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He Who Disappoints Another Is

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net worthy to bu trusted. JJ3T Miuk skins, whioh a few years 3go sold It.r a quarter, now bring from four to -even dollars. 15 The poor are oftener prayed for than helped. The ïeason is, we believe t;hat. ajr is oheaper than buliiou. i m i Considering liow muoh more numerous poor people are than rich ones, how iucky it is that couteuted poverty is so common comparad with eonteuted wealth. jg3È" Rcy. Henry Fowler, iu a culogy on Lincoln, says , " He stands botwecn the living and the dead." Yes, a living despotism and a dead constitutiou. jSS" youDg widow who edits a paper out West, snys: ' We do not look so well to day as UKual on R'jcount of the non -arrival of' the mails.' Brigham Young is betfcer ofF in ope i'.cspnot thau the King of Ho oan have as mauy wives as he wants, while the African sovereign is aotually limited to 5338. o ES" Cicero made the following wiso reniark : ' As I approve of a youth wiio Las something of the old man in' him, so I am no less pleased with an old man W.hp has sometliing of the youth.'


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