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Terrible Slaughter! THE VICTORY ÍS OURS ! Wliirh hftfl befn r&glng for íhe p&stfonx weeksat MACK & SCHMID'S STORE lias pro ved a grand SittoeaSj although the slaughter of DHY GOODS Has been terrible. We now make the announcement thatweáhall continue "Kor Many Yearw" to malte war with high prices, beiug letwmint:d to give the hundmls who daily throng our store, futí valué for their moxiey, Ladies can flnd with us all lpaira,b)L ihactee aud atoles of DEESS GOODS, KIBBOiNS, TRIMMINGS, EMBKOLDEIilES, WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, GLOVES, &c, With a very lare and attr Active stock of CLOAKS AND SHAWLS far below t2iOix "S"fvlia.o We hear it aaid every Hay that we are ruining the business in tliis city by selliug so cheap but w oannoi help it, The Cjloods Must le 8old. 1000 New Style and best quality HOOP SKIRT8 very chfeap, íiud í'or the Gentlemen we have a verj large assor.ment of French Twilled Cloth. Beaver Overcoatinga, Doèskins, Fancy Cassim ies,VestingSj &c, Of all desoripilons, and can urnish a whole (tuit on short noticemuch cheaper than it can be bought else were. An exarotnatioo oí this branch of otir buaJ oess wil] coiivinoe all that thls ja the plaeetobuy their Pa ota, Coata aod Vests, We lui v-e albo a cúmplete stock of Ladies and Childrens' Shoea HATS AND CAPS, And in faoteverythlng that man or woman can dêfllxe bo wear on head orfoot, Groceries, Crcckery, G-lassware &c , At a..stonislïinLr low prices, and in short our enfcire stock must sharetne same fate for we ire (ïtermined ;o sell, no matter whai old croakera niay nav. AU ftre invited to inspect our stock as it is no trouble O show Our goodi, and we are bound to meet the demands of all. 93-2tf MACK & SCÉEMK) TH2 American Collecting Agency, No. 240 Broadway, New York. Claims of all kinds again'si the Genera. Government, State Govern ncnt, Üie City, or private parties, proseouted aad oolleoted at my expense aidrisk Against private parties I poRsesa superior facilities for coliectinjf claims aterywhere in U14 L'nited States and Cacadas, relieving merchante, agsjgnees, banjers aodotbers, ol the caie and uit responsibility . Special attention given to old debts, hard cases, di, vorcas, wills, estates, etc. Bei tig familiar tv ith all the details of the l InU.mal Itevmue Law," I will attend promptly to the collention of drawbacks, and taxea overpaid through ignoi ce of the !aw. ioldiers' pensions, pay, and bounty secured foriheni ot I heir beirs. For that parpose, and for prosecuting claims agaínsi eiovernment, I Qave a braneh office at Washington. No charge made uniese clauca are pollectpd- All soldiere diaphayged bj rruci':i pf wuaurtsThowevershorMhe timethO; b ■■'■ ei red- are ontitlcd to Onp líLunired Dollars Bounty. All 9o]diers Lavingserved twoyesrs, :ir" entitled to the Ba me. v . v .■ 1 . ;1 . ■■ markel prico will bi' paid for soldiers' claims, aad oUuu' k-:main% aan$.t the Genera] Govi'! timent. Information and opÚHons gvea, nd ín.átigation made witknut charge, upon elaims proposedto be placed in my hands. For particulars. address H. HUNTINGTO1T LEE, 900tf No, 'HO Broadway, N. Y RISDON&HEINDERSO 13 XJ O 2SL JES TT IE3 CRAIN DRILL, and Grass Seed Sower, Manufactured at Springfield, Ohio, 11IIE VEKY I.ATEST IMFROVEMKNT, and betterthan . all othor.s; adapted to süwing V!ivi;t, Ryo, Oats, Barley and Grass Soed . lst. lt kas a Rotary Feeder. 2d. Will sow all kinds of Grain and Grass Seed. 3d. N&o&r bunches the Grain ith. Neyer breaks the Gt ain. 5th. Sows Grass Seed broadcast behindthe Drill. Qth. Has high wheels and long Hoes. Ith. Has long and wide steel points. Sth. lt has a land measure or Surveyor. 9tA. lt has doublé and single rank dfills. lQth. lt has a self adjusiing shut off slide. lt is,neatly and substantially made, There is hardly a Drill offereü in the market but can boast of inoro r los FIRST PREMIUMS:' Tby are abnut as Indlscriminately bestowed aa the tltle of :' Professor," which is sometimes spplied to the ' lAddIer " or " bootblack." They cuase to convoy the idea pf vccrit. The Buckcyeprill has been on Exhibitinn at quite a number of Sf ato and Cumiiy FjiÍl.-í, and without seeking favor at the hands of any CotuinitUe, has receítd its fulUhare of Premiums TESTIMONIALS : ', ■ Ive .he following names of a few Farmers ín tli'fi vicinity ïïjü Intve bought uiid useil the Buckeye Drill ; Oodfrey Milk-i-, Scio. Jacob l'olheraus " .lucnbTri.'niper, ri Thomas White, Northfield. John BrQl::iir, " ChristiaD K;ipp, " Bdward BoydOnj . Webster. James Trcadvell, Ann Arb.oi Daniel O'Hara, " " John G. Cook, Lodi. O. A. Marshall, il' h. K'lmonria, Saline. George Cropsey, Green Oak, Liv. Co, We arealso Agents for the Ohio Reaper & M._ wer? acknowledgcd tobe the very best in use. We are just in receipt oí 100 Grain Oradles Wfiieli we wili sell Glieap. Also &large assortment o G-rass Scytlies. And the largest and boet B.atected sípck 9f BENT STUT F FOR CARRIAGESever bfifore ofTered in fcWi market We aiso keep a large and full NAn,S, GLASR, PÜTTY, PAINT.and LINSEED OIL. A cüiiiptütí a;sortp:xüjjt of STOVES, TINWAEE, ANP KAVE TROUO JSalwaj-a o.n hand and put up atthe shortest notice. RISUON & SENDERSON. Ann Arbor, June 29th ,1862. 859tf Ayer's Agüe Cure. THB ALL SUFFICIErlT THREB. ITSE GRBAT "AMERICAN REMEDIES," Ktiown as ' ll lmbold' s'1 GENUINE PREPARA1I0NS, VI Z.: HEI MBOLP'S EXTRACT " BÜCHV," ' " SAH.SaI'AKIIXA, '- . IMFKÜVKDKOSEWASH. HELMBOLD'8 GEN ÍNE PPEPARATION, "HIGILY CONCÉNTRATE D" COMl'OUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive andjSpecific Remedy, For Diseases of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL AND DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thia Medicine increases the power of Digestión ancl exoltes the ABSORBENTS into healthy aoöon by wliich tfalVATEKY OH C4LCMR0US depositiois; and U UNNATUJUL ENLARQEMENTS are re.luccd. s WPlIaspain andmflammation, imd is nood fvi MEN WOMEN,ORCMLDUEN. ' HELMBQLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU KOE WEAKNISSES Arising from Exeesses, Habita of Dieaipation, Early Indiscretion, or Abuse, ATTENDED WITH THK FOLLOWING SYMTOMS Indispositlon toEfcMtton, Loss of Pewar, Los of Memory, DtfBfculty of Ureathing, Wetk Nérvea, TremblJDg, Horror of Disease, Wakefulness, Dimnesa of Vision, Pain in the fcck, Universa! Lassitude of the Flushing of the Iiody. Muscular System, Eruptláns on the Fase, Hot Haniia, Pallid ('ountenance. Drynesa of the Skin. These iymptoma, f allowed to go on, wliich this medicine invariabiy removes. Hoon follow IMPOTENCY, F4.TUITY EPILEPTIC FITS Inoneof whicli the patiënt may expiie. Who oan Bay that they are not frequentiy followed by those "direfut diiieases," Insanity and Consumption Many areivwfire of tlie cause of tb(jir suiTeriog, but none will coofoss. The records of the nsane Asyluiu.s and t!ie molanclidly death.s by Consuinption, bear ampie witness to the irutli of the as.sertion. THE CONSTIÏüTlON, OXCE APFl-X'TED AVITfl ORGANIC "VÍIwVKXESS, Requires the aid of medicine to strengthen ani mviii'-i-aiftluïsystem, vhicli HfiLM HOLU'S EXTRACT BÜCHU invariabiy doL3. A tria' will couvmee the most skepiidal. Females, Females, Fomales, OI.D OP, YOUNG, SINGLÉ, MARRIED, OR CON TK.UPLATl;; JtARRIAGE, In many affections peculiar lp. Péncalos tha Extract is unequalled by sny otber remedy, as iu Chluiosis or Ret.'ution, hregularity, Painfulness, ür Suppression of the Cstoruary Kvacuation.s Ulcevated or Schirroas state of the Uterus, Leucorrhea, or Whites, Sterility, and rir all complaints incident to tho sex, whetherarising i'rom lndiscretiou, Ilabits üf Dissiuation,or in the Decline or Obange of Life. SEE SYMPTOMS AliOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no Balsam, Mercury, or üppleasant Medicine for Unijleawant and Dangèrous Diseawes. HEUIBOLD'S EXTRACT BüCüü OCRES Secret Diseasos. InaH their stages ; at little expense ; líttle or no change in diet ; no inconvenicnee, A?íD ÍO EXPOSURE. It causes frequent desire, and gives strength to LJrinate,therebyrt'moviug obsfructions, pre venting and curiniStricture.s of' the Urelhra, alliiying pain and inflfimmntion, so frequwnt ín this clafw of diseases, and oxpellins POISONOUS, DISEASED AND ft' O RN OUT MATTER. Thousands upon Thousands WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIM OF QUACKS, And who have paid HEAVY FEES tobe cnredina short time, have i'oinvl thsy weredeceived,and that the 'Poison" has,by the use of "Powerful Astringents," been dried up in the systein, to break out in an agg'ravated form,and PEBHAPS Afler MAKRiAGE. ÜSÏJ Helmbold's Extract Buchu For all Affectious and Diseosea of Tlae XJrinary Organs' Whether existing in MALE OR FEMALSS, from whatever cause originating, and no matter OF HOW LONG STANDING. Diseases of these Organs require the aid of a Piuuetic. Helmbold's Extract Buchu IS THE GREAT DIUR3TIC, A.HÜ it is certain to have the desired effect in all I)i tseases, for which it is reconiniended. JjLOOD ! BjLÜÖD ! 1ÍLOOD! Helmbold's Hiiïhly Concent raíed Compound Fluid Extract Sarsaparilla SYPHILIS. Thifl is an ftflection of the Blood, and nttacfcs the Sexuii Organs, Limngs of the Nose, Ears,. Tliroat, Wiudpipe, and other uucua surfaces, making its appearanoelo the form of Ulcere. HelmbolcPa Ext.aet SarsftparillapurifleB tlie Blood, and remove all Scaly H.ruptiona oí tl. e Skin. giving to the Complexión a pieai anl Öealthy Color. It being prepared expresa ly for this class oí cumplaints, ita Blood-l'uriiying Propertisfl are ppeaerTed to a g .■ ■!(.■■ v teut ÍJiap any other preparatiun of Sarsaparilla. Helmbold's Rose Wash. An excellent Lotion for Diseases of a Syphiltic Nature, and as an injection in I)ii;eaHes of the Urinary Organs, arising Erom habjteof dissiputinp, uaed in councciion with the Extracts Buchu and tíaiapaiilla, jn auch diseases as recommeñded. Evidence of the most responsible and reliableohacacter wül aoooitpany the medicines. CERTIFÍCATE OF CüKES, From eight to twenty years tanding, with names knownto 8CISNCE AND FAME, For Medical Proporties oL BUCHU, see Hispenaatory of the United States. See ProioHor DEWEES' valuable works on the Practice of Physic. See remarks made by the la ie eelebrated Dr. PEYSrOT.Philadftlpb.Ia, Seeremorka ade by Dr. EPHRAIMWcDOWELL, a eelebrated Physician, and Mejnbez of the Boyal Colïege of Burgeonn4 Irelam!, and published in the Transactions of the Kinpjand Queen's Journal. See Üfedioo-Cirurgical Review, published by BENJAMIN TRAVERS , IVUuw of the Royal College of Borgoona. See most of the late Standard Worka on Medicine. Extract BüCHü, $T 00 pkb bottir, ok rix for $5 00 " 1 00 " " 5 00 Lmi'koveu ROBH Wasii, 50 (L 2 50 Or half a dozen of eacl) for O1200, which will bfl Bufflcient to uure the most obstinate cases, i' directkns are adbered to. Uelivered to any address, Becurely paclied íromobservation. B3P Describe Rymptom.i in all Communications. - Cures guayan tced. Advice gratis. AFP1DA VIT. Porsonally appeared bef on mean Alderman of the city of H. T. Seucbold, wlio, being duly svorn, Öotfa say, hia preparatione contaiu no narootio, no meren ry, or other injurious drugs, but are purely vegetable. H, T.HELMROI.D. Sworn find subscribed before jne, tliis 23d day of NovombEr,1854. VM 1'. ÜIlillARD. AMerman, Ninth sti-oet, abovo Raoe, Phila. Address Letters foj: information in confidenoe. H. HELMIÜHJ), Chemist Depotl04Soutb Teuth-Htreet,belüw CheRtuut, Phila, , BEWARE OF COUVTERFEITS AND ÜNPRINCIPLED DEALERS, Who eaueavor o dispose " OF THEIR OWN " and 'other" articlcaojitho leputationattained by Helmbold's Uennine Prppamtions, " Extract Buchu, " " Sarsaparilla, " " Improved Rose Wash, SoM by all Oruggistf! everywhere. ASK FOR HELMBOLD'S- TAKE NO OTHER. Cut out the advötisement, and secd for it. áNB A VOID IMPQSrrrVN AND EXPOSURE. y908 1 L am Bound for M. GUITERMÁN CO'S ! Q Dispute the f'act if y on canr It takes the TAILOK after all to give appearance to the pnter man, If jou wish to appear vel You must accordlngly Dress Wellj Go to 51. Guiterrnan & Co's,, There you will find things exactly SO. SONBHEIMawiya ready to take your measure, GÜITERMAN will sell you Goods with great pleusure, At figures LOWER than you will find in ihe State, Take heed - call early, elae vou are too LATE. The inducements are uow greater than ever, Our Clekks you will find obliging and clover, We will show you g.ood CLOTHING oí our own getting up, m Füling our Store from Bottom to iop. STUDENT8 especially will find it to THEIR ADVANÏAGE, For it takes but LITTLE MONEY to replonish. 1500 OVERCDM'S of Cloth, Beaver, and Bear, Warranted for almost ever to wear. COATS of Oloth and Cassimere of our OUil IMPOUTATlONi Forwardod through our New York relations. From Englnnd, Belgium, Germany and France, Suoh aa you can stand up in, or wear, at the dance. Paiits ! Pants ! ! Pants ! ! ! Fancy CASSIMERES and DOESKIN of everv grade, We sell them from ONE DOLLAR up to Mam. VESTS, &C, of every description, You will find it so without fiction, Furniahing at-parels From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. Thïs is all we sav now, Therefore vire make our bow. Your8 truly, ever so, M. GUITERMAN. !t Co., O. BXjISS Would take tliis tnethoü üf informing hís oíd friends and patrons and all others who may favor him with their patronage, tbat hcHas freatly enlarged his Stock and Assortment! and liaving atlopted tlie CASH SYSTEM BOTII IN BÜYING & SELLING is prcparetl to sell Goods at 358 3-raoa.ii, TolO ifrioeS, U'S stock oonslstsin par ot the foliowing: g_ AMERJCAN AND OTHER 'Watches! aÉS SETHTHOMAS CLOCKS! Fine Jewelry Seíís GOLD CETAINS, TABLE AND POCKET CÜTLËRY ! Pazors, Slioars, Hci'irsanfl Brushea, ROQERS PLATED WARE, the best in market, Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAPER and ENVELOPES, Musical Instruments, String Sf Books fnr Instruments, SPBCT A.C3Xji33)e, of Gold, Silver, Steel, and Platal, wüh PERISCOPIO GLASS, a superior ariicie Persons ha ving dtfficult watches to fit with glasses uanbe acoomod;ite.l, as my stock is large'anü complete. P. S. Particular attention to tlie ofall kiada of fine Watt-lies, such u Making ancl Setting new Jewels, Piniova. St.ujfs, and AI40 CLOCKS, Sc TEWELRY neatly repairerl and waranted, at bis old standeast sideof Main Street. C. BLISS. Ann 4rtor,NoT. 25,1863 826tl For Ratjs, Mlce, JtoacHes, Anta, Bod Bugs, Motha " Fins, Woolens, Sic. Insects oi Plaiils, Powls, Aulmnls, Sic. " ünly infallible remedies known." " Freo (rom [iniVons." (í Not dang irotis to íhe Human Family." ' Jiats come out of tlieir holes to die." J8fff Sr.lii Wholesale in all large c ties. 4S9-S11M by ili iim: -ists and Retailers everywliere. eSf '■ '■ ! IOáwmi ! ! ! of all fforthless iraitations. J86S See that "Costar's" name ia on each Box, Botíle aix! fl'isk, 'k-Iui - u buy JO-AddTBSS HK.WÍIY R COSTAR. l l'rincipal Depot, No. 438 Hroiidmiy Nev York. [ i,-'Snii by-all the Wholesale and Retail Druggists, Aun Arbor, Mioh 915m3 Ayer's SarsapariUa. i


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