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Where Is My Wife?

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A correspondent, who has not seen bis wife for three weeks, asks the Round Talle where she oan be found. The lady referred to has been seized with the Sanitary Fair fever, and the poor husband complains. For two montbs she was out most of the time calling upou persons to solicit their aid for this moBt deserving charity; and when she was at home I could get no chance to see her, for she was overrun with callers, each one having very important business. BuDdles of all shapes and sizes began to arrive. The garret was already filled with them, and the balance has been stored in the back parlor. But uiy wife was so earnest (she is positiveiy bewitching in her enthusiasm) that I hadn't the heart to refuse, so I weut to work and helped to carry the bundies into the house and store them where she wishid. When the job was finished I was glad to retire, though I had uot read my paper. 31 y wite - but have you seen her ? The bereaved husband heard of his wife at the committee rooms and else where, but can't get a sight of her. The poor fellow says : I have hung about the building in Fourteenth street in hopes of aeeing her, but in vain. Everybody bas seen her, but nobody can teil where she is. This week I have been about the new building now ereoting on Union Square, and have heard of her time and time again, but have uot seen her - Once I thought I cauglit a glimpne of her dress whirhng around the corner of Fourteenth street and Sixth avenue, and I started to run, but owing to tLe effect of the wound received while I was in the army, I had to give up the chase I got very much out of breath, too. S ti 11 Ă­ would uot have uiiuded it so much if 1 had only found my wifo. Have you seen her ? I am sure you have. Everybody has - except her husband. My friends meet me and congratĂșlate me so warmly on th3 acbievemeuts of my wife, tbat I can't help blushing with marital pride, and when I inquhe if they have seen her, I ! get the same answer : " Why, of course we have. She ia everywhere. How very strange that you have not met ber!" Well, I suppo8e I must give upall hopes of seeing her till the Fair is closed.Three weeks more without a wife 1 Per haps I may meet her at the Fair, but 1 don't count much upon that.


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