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The Third Michigan Cavalry

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IÍKADQUAKTESS COMPANY 0,1 Camp Davis, St. Louis, Mo.i Mabch, SHStb, 1864. ) FiuENi) Akgcs : - I have again comfortably ensoonsed myself on the ground, n my little wedge tent, trying to think of sorae one to write to, aad unfortuoately being ono having but fow correspoudcMits, I havo been sorely puzzled to think to whorn to write. JÍDOwing tbat tnspy of ypor readers have fume very near nnd deur friends and relatives in the oM Veteran Third Regiment of Michigan Oavalry, I have come to the conclusión that it might be ot some interest to them to know something of their vh( -reaboutt", and their present condition. ïho regiment left Kul imazoo, Mich., for St. Louis, on Suturday, the 19lh inst.,and altar three days: hard liding on the cara, they arrived here somewhat iatigued by their journey. They went immediately into camp, and the tírst nig-ht were obliged to .leep on the bare ground, without either tents or blunkotf, which some of the now recruits thought decidedly disagreeable. We have now drawn new tents and blanket-, which has greatly improved the spirits and patriotism of thoe latter named individuáis. They all seem to be verv well oontonted, and a stranger would surely supposo they were the bravest set of people in tho world, to bear them express their anxieties to " go to the front." It is the opinión of the old eoldiers that they will soon have an opportunity to test their bravery on the field of battle, where the old veterans of this regiment have so frequently aod so nobly battled for the great cause in which we are engnged. It is not yet known where is our future destination. But by some it is supposed that we are going into Texas. One to take a military view of thih would ut once say it is a very absurd suppo8Ítion ; but if taken into consideration the way that our anny has been disposud of oí late, they would, immediatcly change their views on the subject. We will, in all probability, remnin where we are for at least a month, as there are no horses in ihe department. Three of our Lieutenants - Webster, Drew, and Wirts - are ordered North to select horses. One is to go to Keokuk, Iowa, and two to Milwaukee, Wis consin. Our camp is situated about two miles east of the city of St. Louis, just outside of Camp Benton. The weather here is very warm and pleasant - something like sumtner in Michigan. The regiment is commauded by Col. Mizner, a very prince of Colonels - He is loved and respected by all who know him. He has already been assigned to the position of Chief of-Cavalry in this Department It is feared by the officers and men of the regiment that he will be proinoted to a Brigadier, and then of couise we will lose him. The present field ofiïcera of the regimentare: Col'tnel Mizner, Lieut. Colonel Moyers, Majors Taylor, Wilcos, and Hendurson, and h'ner men and braver officers cannot be found. They are to their men, as a father to his children, always having an eye to their welfare and comfort. Capt. T. V. Quackenbush, of Whitmore Lake, is the senior Captain, and will probably be soon promoted to Major. A more worthy promotion cannot be con ferred upoo any man. He at present commands Oompany G, of this regiment - of which your humble servant is a member. His loss to the company would be deuply feit. The present 6trength of the regiment is about 1,400 men, and we are soon to be joined by an additional number of about 300 trom Memphis, Tenn. We are to be ariried with the eelebrated C'ilt's navy side revolvers, and tho Spencer neven shooting rifle, and sabres. It in not yet known for certain that we wiü get the latter named woapon; but such is the snpposition. The health of the regiment is quite good. There was quite an excitement in camp to-day, cnuseil by the suvuge and barbarous treatment of h'?e of our I regiment by about twenty-five of the Tliird U. S. Cavalry. It appears that a Corporal and four men of Co. L, of our regiment, were ordered to go outside of our camp and patrol iu the vicinity of a brewery about kalf a milo from eamp, with instruclions to arrest any ot the regiment tl. at should be found there. Iinmediately upon their arrival thoro they were besot by this ruffiaulv band, without any oause, nml most unhuinanly treitted. The denperadoes, eneouraged by the lact that they outnumbered the patrol (ivo men to one, drew their sabi'es and cominenced a furious onslaugh, which our boys nobly withetood until they were so comple'ely overpowered that they couid do no more. Oe man by the name oí Case, a private of C. L, oi' ttiis rugirnent, was so badly iujurud by a hit of a stone in the foreheud, and a subre cut on tho back of his headthat t was mpossible to move him until this morniug. It was reported that ono of the ' regulars was killud, but I could not as: certain whotiier it was so or not. Tho ODnlaijght was cumrnoEccd bv the 'tê$ u'ars without the least catift), t8 nur boys had not mo!ested them in the least. The regiment leel highly iucensed agaiust tho regulars, and all combine in declanng that it is only lent ; that they will pay them off, and with interest too. It would not surprise me if it shonld caue bloodshed yet. I will not write anv more this time.- More anón.


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