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Boston Wool Market

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JJof-ton, Aptil, 2. NctwlthsíflDcling the didl vvealher, tbre has heen increasêd activit) n tho wool mnrku-t duringthe pnst week, itli considerable sales of bnth foreign and domesiie. EiChe: f mm i huir pressing exigencies, or n eonvieiion mat rooi is as cheap Dow is it is likvily lo bo, buyera a botter dispowition to oporate, and nevera) largo triamifacturing qorporations are iuiw in iho rnnrkot for suppik's - sorne oí ilieni, contrarv to tlicir usual policy, [iiircluising eonsiderably ahöiid of' their iinnierliatc ints. Tliis is a ood sviiip'.oiu ; ;hki tal;ou in connecli'iü with other ctinnieic'ml sins of tlio timos, bas iospired (IimNt.-: v. iih BUch contidenco in the future course of trudc, that thoy are lmidino the lest porti )n of thcir slneks :t greater tirtnnes.s, and for clioic(ï lo's ot line staple - whicb ar,e getting gcarce both in the Eastcrn and ves'ern :narl;ets - have idvaneed their raïèS a tr:fle. The Riilcs of dornes'ic for üie week hnvk als bi'i-ti large, P4i)d fo'it lip sniiie 7750,000 Ibs at aransje of G8a83.Jo for ileece, and 62u82e. for the various grades .f pulled Included are 125,000 ibs Wisconsm fleece nt 72Aa75o-; 78,000 Ibs Miohigan and New Vork do. nt 73 fl74c; 2,000 Ibs Miehigan and Indiana do. 75u7(ic; 17,000 Ibs niediuin Westeru ao. 70a74e. ; Ü5,0ü0 Ibs fine Ohio nd Pennsylvania do, 78a8Oe ; several choice Iot8 of the latter (say 1,500 Ibs) :Uf-2i8oie; 240,000 Ibs, cïiiefly Western, in one lot, far deluino manufacturo, at a prieo we did not learn ; arid considerable super and ex' ra pulled at 75 a82c. In California, 10,000 Ibs (fa 11 clip) at 41c. In foreign, thp salea have been lange, iucluding 1,500 bales Cape at 37.4ul"2A c ; sorao small bul choico lot of the name (new clip) at I4u45c ; and some 700 bales Mestiza at 35a41o, the outBidé figures for choice hew clip. - Com. Bulletin. The boundary of the now lerntory of Montana, as provided by the House bil), is is followa : Cotniueacing at a pointformed by the inteivection of the 27 th degi'ee of loogitude west f rom Washington vritb the iü'.h degree of north lalitude, theuce diie west on said 45th degree of latitude to a point fortned by it inierbection vvilh the 44ih degree and 30 minutes of north ltttitude to a point lormed by its intersection vvith the cret of the Rocky Mountains; thonce following the erest of the Kocky Mountains till its intersection with the Bitter Root Mountains; thenco north ward along the crest of naid Bitter Root Mountains to the intersection with the 3Üth degroo of Iongilude west from WasbJnjj.UMi ; thence along said 39th degree of longitude norihward to the boundary line of the British possessions ; tb e fice oastward along said boundary ■line to the 27th degreo of kmgitude west from Washington ; thenee southwurd along said 27th degree of lougitude to the place of beginning. Montana is pOMessed of gold in considerable quantities, and the work of initiing is prosecuted with growing vigor at this time.


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