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East Tennessee

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A correspondent of the Cineinnati Enquirer says: The social state of East Tennessee is deplorable, liot:ses ruined, farms wasted and unfenced farmers hopeless aud depeudeut, without the means or eoergy of' planting crops. - Besides, their cattle have died for the, want of forage. They have uot timber to fenee in their farms, and if they had they fear the return of the rebels and the chances oí their crups boiug destroyed again. Turn which way they will, ruin and want and death stare them iu the face. Knoxville itself is looking ruinous and dilapidated. The streets are cut up into deep ruts, and are always crowded with wagons and soldiers passing over thtin. It must have been a preíly place enough before the war, but now it looks like a perfect picture of desolatiou. Furts and ledoubts frowo opon it from cvery ..uide. lts position has been reudered so strong that it miglit justly be styled the Gibraltar of America. The eouytry about is very picturesque with iis variad undulating hills aDd rich valleys. It needs but now life and energy to raake tuis the granary of America. The climate, too, is pleasant aud salubrious, though wo havo had a heavy fall of snow, a thing ugknown before in this part of the country. It is a land blessed by God and curscd fey man. Society here is ia a very disorganized morbid state. Evcry man's hand is raised against bis brother, and a dark pirit of selfishness, revenge and rotaliation ií the guiding principie. - While the rebels were in power the Un ion people suffured at their hands ; whereever the others got the chance now, they re bitterly repaying the debt. We feave Qo civil goverument, no ruliDg principie to check and punish crime ; therofore, society is one chaotic mass without the least cohesivo principie.


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