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The City Election

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The anmiítl charter electton tonk place on Monday lasf., notwithst.inding tlio rain; and the rni.i very fortuna ti-ly fnrnishee hnth parties an excuse for tlieir partial dof int. Tlie vote was not a full one, except in the First Ward, and the absentees wero mostly Demócrata. The llepublicnns have a secret organization in working order, and it pucceeded in getting out every Republican voter not necessarily absent from the city. Had it succeeded in makina; the Republicana all voto the "straight ticket" not a Democratie city officer wpiild havo been elected, for tbe vote, as polled, shows a Republican majority, which might havo been reduced, however, had the Demócrata a working organizaron, with canvassers, cotnmittecs, &c, &c , on active duty - or had Democrats all voted the "clean ticket." The Democrats re elected our excellent Mayor, Dr. Wells, by '22 majority over a candidato nover before beaten, and vvho counted on 100 majority. - Tbis ia an increaso of 8 over his majority of last year, and considering the eöort made ngainst hirn it is a proud endorsement of both bis personal and official worth. The Democrats also elect. Street Commissioner, and the Republicana - gaining Recorder - take the balance of the ticket. As last yenr,tho Democrats eloct one Supervisor, three Aldermen, and three Constables ; and the Republicans ono Supervisor, two Aldermen and two Constables. Three Democratie Aldermen and two Rapublicans bok! over, so that the Council will stand 7 Democrats and 5 Republicans, as follows : Mayor - Ebenezer Wells. Recorder - Charles A . Ckapin. Aldermen - First Ward-C. B. Thompson Ja. B. Gol. Second Ward - John S. Henderson, Christian Schumacher. Third Ward-Geor?e W. Smith, N. P. Parsons. Fourlh Ward-h. R. Slawson, Frcd. A. Horn. Fiflh Ward- John Taylor Geo. H. IT. Rhodcs. Republicans in Itahcs; hold-over Aldermen ma'ked witb a . The old Council meets to close up its labors on Monday evening uext, after which the new Council will organize. %Z3T St. Louia is not to bo outdone by her sister cities of the East, and has arranged for a "Mississippi Yalley Sanitary Fair," to open May 17th, and continue two or more weeks. Maj. Gen. Roseorans is President, and among the Viee Presidenta we see the name of tien. Clinton B. Fisk, formerly of thia State. Mrs. Gen. Fisk is a member of the Ladies' Executivc Committee, and cbairman (or chairwoman) of the "Freedmen's and Union Refugee's Department." - Contributions of clothing, fruits, vegetables, grains, and produce of all kinds are solicited. Packages should be marked with the name of the place and donor, and addressed to James E. Yeatmax, St. Louis, Mo., for,M. V. S. Fair, and bilis of lading sent by mail to Major Alfred Mackay, Corresponding Secretary, No. 10 Lindell Hotel. - Thero is evidently somo Yankee connected with the Fair, for we notice an offer of $50 premium for the best three Hospital Shirts donated; $40 for the best three pairs of Socks; and $30 for the best three pairs of Drawers. If any of our lady friends wish to compete for these premiums they can find the di rections for making the articles at our office. IS" It is annouuced from Washington that during Gen. Grant's recent visit to Fortress Monroe preliminaries for the satisfactory exchauge of prisoners were concluded, iiud approved by hiai. We hope that thia is bo, and that no mere point of etiquette or caprice will prevent an early exchange. Thousands of wives and mother will rejoiee whon their husbandü and sons are frecd from the close coufinement at liiclimond and olher point.s, which ig doing more to destroy tlieir lives than hard servico in the field. C3P Major James W. Hall has been appointed Lieut. C'lonel of the Fourth Michigan Infantry, vice Lumbard protnoted. Col, Hall left our city as Seeond Lieutenant, and has won his way fco üis present rank. LjL" Hon. F. C. Bsaman has been appointed to fill the vacancy on the Cominittee on the District ot Columbia, caused by tbe decea&e of Hon. Owkn LovEiox of IUiaouj.


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