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We give the names of the lbllowing Democratie Committee3 in addition to those publiahed last week : City Commitlee - Hiram J. Beakes, Jacob A. Polhemus, Nelson B. Nye, Wra. M. Sinclair, and R. B. Chase. First Ward-ll. D. Bennett, H. J. Beakes, and A. H, King. Second Ward-W. S. Maynard, J. S. Henderson, and Geo. F. Lutz. Z$F We are requested to say that a petition has been bft at the store of A. P. Mills, asking CoDgress to imposo a tariff of 15 per cent. on wool, wbicb farmers are invited to cali and sign. - It has already a large number of signatures, an evidence that our woolgrovvers are looking after their own interests, and also that they do not believe in the old Whig doctrine that a protective duty cheapens the article protected. However, as tbe government must raise money, it is right that imported wool should bear ita proportioD. L2f Talcott E. Wino, Esq., Democrat, was elected Judge of Probate of Monroe County, on Monday last, by about 500 mojority. Eleven of the 17 Supervisors are Demócrata, and Monroe City gave 100 Democratie majority. - The "Independent State" is some. JL3L The grand Metropolitan Sanitary Fair, New York, was opened on Monday ovening with imposing ceremonies. Nothing has been left uudone to make this Fair attractive, and it is expected the receipts will eclipse those of all preeeding Fairs. t#" The recent rains - especially if followcd by a few days of warm sunshine - will soon enable our farmers to judge of the prospecta of the wheat erop. We are no "eroaker," but we fear that the injury is general and severe, and advise farmers to make ready to crowd in a wide breadth of Spring grains. JG3C The Citizen, Kopubücan, says that the Demócrata will probably have a majority uf the Board of Supervisors of that. Cuunty. Good on Jackson,


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