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O. BIiISS Would take Chis metbod of nforming hia nli friemls and patrons and all othcrs wlio maj favor liiin vvitli their i)atronagi', tliat he hap (jreatly eularged iii.s Stock and Assortmeut l and baving adopted the CASH SYSTEM BOTH IN BUYING & SELIJNG is pr,-iaici ti, teil (iootis nt ReasonLa" Tolo Ix-ioeo, His stock couflsthin par oi ihe tollowing: -fc-% AMRMCAX AND OTHKR %v Watches! 2LyMl SETHTHOMAS CLOCKS ! Fine Jewelry Setfs GOLD CÍ7AINS, TADLE AND POCKET CITTLÉRY ! Fjizors , S!ic;i rs, Sr iM]s :i nd BruslieK, ROGJtBS I'L.VTKD WAliK, tho best in markt-t, Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAPES and ENVELOJSS8, I Musical Instruments, Slrings 4' Bonks for Instruments, SPECT a.CLB9, of Oold, Sileer, Steel, and Plated, with PERISCOPIO GLASS, a superior arlicle. Persons having iliffloult watches to fit uïtli riasses can be accomodateJ, as my stock is largc'anü cúmplete. P S. Particular atteation to the of all kinds of fine Watches, such as Making and Setting new Jéwels, Phiions Slaffs, and Cy lindar s. Also CLOCKS, Je TB'V7ELE"S' neatlv repaired and war'antcd, at his old standoasl slde of Main Street. C. BLISS. Ann trtaw, No. 25, Ifjcs 826ti NÖBLE & 1T03E, are stiling thsir large stock of CHEAPEE ÏH Ali ii v Sil l ! LOW YRICES FOa CASH. Good Stoga Boots : : $2.50a$4.50 Men's good Calf Peggeü, 3.00 a 6.00 " " " Sewed : 5.00 a 6.50 Womau'3 " Lace Boots : : 1.00 a 1.85 Ladies' " Cougress Ö'ts, : 75 a 2.50 Boys' Youth's and Children's Shces : : : : 15 a 1.50 Now is the time to buy as BOO TS and SHOES are rapidly advancing in Eastern Markets. i THIY ALSO MAKE WAMMTED &L WORK TO ORDER, gtf AND EEPAIR. Remeniber wu ean not and wil! not be undersold. Please cali and e amme their stock LAWREXCB NOBLE, CHARLES RIDER. Ann Arbor,Feb. lStli,l64. tföll. AIIE YOU INSüRED ? 1F NOT CALL ON Agent for the folioiving [irst-class Companies, Home Insurarce of New York, Cash Capital over One wad a Half tfSHoM Dollars. CONTINENAL INSURANCE CO, Of New Vork, Capital over One Miltion of Dollars Tn this Comliaiiy tlie Insurcd particípate m the proiils. CITY FITtE I3XTS-, CO-, of Hart fi ii.l. Capital over Three Hnndied Thousand Dollars. C II. MIJ.l.EX. wWM Main ítreut Add Arbor. Por Rats, Mlce, Ronches lint, Btl Bss, Mollig 1m ï'uis, Woolciis, &.C. o Planta, Powl, Anlinnls. óic 11 infaüib'.e remedies kno'.vn." 41 Free from ppirons." " Not éteBf rims to the Iliimnn Kni-uly." "Kats come out of thèir holes tb die." 5-Sol,l Tioltuaietn ñlllarge c Mes. Sold by all Uraitgist? kou Bétailer everywlwr. S" ! ! ! i kaivark ! ! ! of all worttJiss iiuitatiuns. WSee that "Costak's" name is on eaeh Box Hottleand Pfaek.before v , bny. -Aadfesa HJffiNRY R COSTAR. JgSPrinripal fiepot, . sKSi Broadwayííew Yorlf. L?"'IJl'.vl'ir'iV;, Druggwts, íinn Artor, Mieh ,,!.■„,„■; JBiownell &. Perrin" Mi P0H8MÖS MBBCHAKIS, ] 183 South U'ater 8tret, CHICAGO, IX.LITSTOIS. Realera in Grain, Flour, Provisions, ' :eeds, Green and Dried Fruits, r Ier, cfec. ■ EeforencpR: rwte, Willar.l h Keen, Chicago: S. Botsford & I n o., Ana Arbor, jMich. II u Particular attention pvon (o fhe sale of Green nd Drled Fruit, (Vier, fcc. ■ i-n.n t (Inler. for the pinchase of Clover and Timntliy n ped. CutMeats, He., prmnpüyaitooded to f aocoinanicil wlth ensh or satlsfaótory refereuce. 8S9tf Ayer's SarsaparillaT FURNITURE ROOMS i One door Norlh of Risd.m and Henderfen's Hardware .■it.a. Tlie midersfen.-d kaving purchased the entire stock nf w. I). ■iuiitli .v f'.)., and added targcly to the sanie pri-pnivd tnfurnish his ÍV,, .„ds iotj hatront, a gooi assortmentul wcll made fuinituie, of SOFAS, BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, BOOK-CASES ! TABLES ana CHAIRS, of all kinds, arul in fict ot evcrytliiDg pertaming to the buteitie&B. LOU.G"ES. MATRASSE8, ka., Sc, made to order by good and experienced workmen, aod sinurea rn give satisfactioh. He ulso kceps agood assortnient of Cberryand Walnut Luraber tor sale at reaonaMe prlcca And U also pay tbe bigfaest market prjee ipx CUeny. Walnut, and Vbite Wood Lutnbt r. P. S. He bas also purebased Ihe new and ELEGANT HEAESK! of Smith & Co., and is prujiared to furnish all kinds of Wood Coffins, Metalie Cases, AISIX) CASEETS, On tbo sliortest notice. Also atttnds to laying out I and ni;;ht. without charge. All delivyred n :ii free Of charge. W. U. BENHAM. Aun Avbor.Janunry lp:h, 1SC3. 9J0tf rpHE ROOTS AND TUE LE AVES JL WILL be for tbe ifealiug of the Nations. min. Prof. fl. ar. Xj-s"O3srss TDK GIlüAT AND CEI.KliHAÏBI l'JIVdlfl AN ol the THROAT.LUNGS, HIÏAKT, LIVhR AXI) TUK BLÜO1), Known al] over the country as the CKLEBRATKO iaSTIDIA.Kr HEKB DOCTOR I Of 285 Superior Street, Cleveland, Oliio. Vi 1 1 visit the following place viz a:!'oitmk:,ts foi íé'ea, ïsesano is64. Prof R. J. J.vons can be consulted at the followini placvï; t very aontd Detroit, ench monthj 18th and 19lh. Ann Aroor. JionitorHou'e, eácn imo'ntli, 20tïi. .laclisdn, liibbard House, yacïi month 21, Advian, Bracket Bouse, each month 22d and 23.1. Toledo, OhiojC'olhns House, cach month 24th 36 th and 26th. - ' Hill-dale, Mich., Uillsdale House, eaMi month 27th Coldwater, Mi:h.. .mitheiu Michigan House, each month , ÜMh. Elkharl, ülkhart House, each month. 29th South Bernl. Ind., SI. .!,,. Hotel, each' month, 30 Laporte, lud., Tee Garden House, each mouth 31st Wooster,Ohio,Crandell Exchange, eacb monih 7th andSth. ' Manafleld, Ohio, Wiler House, cach month, Oth and Mt.Ternon, Kenyon House, each month, llth and i 13th. Xewark, ühio, Holton House, each month 13th and 14 t.h. PáinésTílIeiOhjo. CowlesHpufie.each montb 4th i CLKVKLAND, OHIO. RESIOKNÜE ANÍ) OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STREET. I East of the public square, opposile thé Postoffice. ' Office days eac!i month, lst, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, löLh ! Office hours from 9 A. H. to 12 M. and Froin a' P. M.'to ' 4 I'. M. OnSunday i:om !) to 10A.M. and 1 to 2P M 1 aS-Maximsatrictly adhered to- I give such bahn as have no strife. ' With nature ot the lawa of life-, Witli ijluiidmy hands I nrvi: stain, Xorpoison men toease their pain. ( tic is ajiny. ■ ,., i ■,-, r; The IndianHer. l'uctor. R. J. LYOXS, curps the fol Inwinu corapiainfs in the most ubstiunte smgesof their existtnce, viz: pispases of h-Thrflat, Lungs, Heaxt, Liver, Stomach,Dropav íntheChest, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Fits. or FalIingSckneas,andalI oíhfer nerfronsderangenients. A!so ;ili Of tb b!iod surh ;is Scroiulfl , Eryftfpfi.;. p8,Fever iures, I.. prusy,, and aUptber cota,. lilk-ated chionic coiqplainta Alli'orms of Teníale flMt8ultIes atiended to with ifte h;iini(-st resulta; It is hnpl that no ont wil] U'spair of a cure until they have i.veu the Indian Herb üoctor'g Modieine-s a fairan.l [ailhful trial. -JUiring the Doctor'f travelfl ia Kaiüpe. West Inüi-s, Boath America, and the I Díted States, he baa been ihe instrument in Gort' hand. tu reatore to lu';ilíh and vigor Uiou?ands wlio wen j-ivcruip iind prononnccd incurable by ihe mnt emiueutold school physicians; nav, mort-, thoiiMuids howereon the verge of tb e grave, are now living moMitii-nis to the rndi&n fíerb'tí Dóctar's pkiU and Kiiccosful treatmeni ,and áfe daily tclaiming: " BiesBedbefhedaj wheo firsi w ■ aaw aud partouk of the ïndi&ii Kevb ffectör! mtiiicine," iv'atisf;i.i'tory r'í'eren:-í;síií' Oiiros wül be gladly and caeerfuHj givn i bpevr n,-qu i il'.I, The Doctor pledgea bis ssrord and honor, tht he v.-ül in no wiáe, lirectly o't iñílirectly, ÊnfluCe or cause anj nvMiú tö tak his me-licinc Mthmit the strongest (irol). i ■ r a cq f'. jgQf" Mode of exarainatio.iij wliich is entirely different ■■fftcultj 6K Ly;i professea to díscern dïBeasas )y tlio cyc. He Irtffftföre ;iks aiiqtreStioBfti, oor does he require p;ii entstn oil,-iin -.yrn tnras. Callone ' and all, iod have the aynaötome and location of your Biaea seexplainec! Free of cnarge. tlsTlu' pnnrslutll bi'lihpvnlly considerpd. ■PostolHccaddJTSM, box 2ïfi.'i. II. J. I.YOXS, M. T-. rievpland. Ohio. Nov. &," t?6S. lyS80 GREALGEEAIEK OkEATEST B A KG AINS E V KK OFFERED 1859. )1859 In thisCity, are now being offererl at the CHEAP, CLOOK, WATCH, & Je7 tlry Store1H!■:3rJbscribo wnuldsuy to the citizflnsof Ann Ar. particular, nnrl the rost ot Washtenaw f'ountv in eeneral, th'U hohasjust 1MPORTED 01 RI'.CTLY lVum KUliOPE.a Tremendous Stock of Watches! All of which ho liinds himself to snll OHKATKR than can beboueht west of N;w York City. Opnn Face Cylirnler Watches I rom 86"no $10 'Ju do Lever do do 8 to "j Ilunting Case do do do 14 to 35 do do Oylinder do do 9 to 28 Gold Watches frum 20 to 150 I have alao the CELÉBRATE!) AM ER? CAN WATCHES, jibirh ( wlll smi tir $2r. Kvery Vvatcb warrantbd to jertbrm well,orthe money -ciunded Clocks, Jowelry, Piated Ware, Fancy Gouds. ol.l Pen, 'fusicalinstruinents ;.lr trines ('utlery, 4-e., ' ' nd intafitnTariety of nvorythina uanally kept by Jewelors can be boupht for the next ninety days at ynur OWN PRICES! 'ersoriB huyinp a„ythiiig nt thia wol' known 1 'tae 'itcan rdyuponeettinegood!. exnctly s 1 eaented.orthemnr.ey refunded. r8i](.Hrlv and a ure the best Imrsaltis (iVi-r olli-n-d in tliif City. One word in regard to Rtpairin : Ve aro prepared to mnke any repairs onfine or ooms ion Watthes, even to makitiecer the entire wateh c nncessary. Hppsiring of Clocks and Jewelrv as' ul. Alee the irvmnrnoturin of RINGS BROOrH'S e r nything d(-Sir..d,tromraIfTniM;old'on8hortno; ce. Eneravein allltsbrancheíexeented witlmentf' eésanddispatch. o Anu Arbor, Jn. SPthlfi.W. ' C' "'"""" 8' i Ayer's Cathartic Pilis.


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