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tetes JKmtoiiyCWATTS & BRO. i-vF.UF.R n Clocks, Watches, J?welry and Silver I) Ware No. 22, Neiv Block, Aun Arbor. BLISS. rvEAI.ER n Clocks, Watches, Jewelry and Silver ) Wftío. 22, Sew Block, Ann Arbor _ C. H. MILLEN. KlÁLRR i o Nry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, Se. &c. L) in i-treet. Ann Albor. EfiltlP BACH. txEII.KRS in Dry (onda, Groceries Boots & Shoes, 1) ic. ain 3t Ann Arbor. O. COLLIER. iXAHUFACTURER and dealeriu Boots and Shoes, one Vl'duor north.of the Post Office. N. B. COLÉ. DÊ.ilF.R in Boots & Shoes, Rubbers, Sc. Franklin Block, Main Street, Ann irbor. RISDON & HENDERáON. DEALERS in Hardware. Stoves, house furnishing goods, Tin Ware, Sc , &c, New Block, Mam st. GEO PRAY, M. D. PHYSICI vN and Purgeon. Residence and offloe on Detroit street, near the epot, " SPAFFORD& DODSLEY. ÏAN'UFACTUREl.S of all kinds of Coooper Work, :VI Cit? Cooper Shop. Custom work done on short notice. Cor. Detroit and Nortta Streets, and ccr. North ind Fifth Streets Ann Altor. A. J. SUTHERLAND, JGRNrfor the N'ew York Life Insurance Company. !1 Otfce on Huron street. Alao bas on hand a stock f toe moat approve ' sewing machines . 885tf GEORGE FISCHER. MEAT MARK KT- Huron Street- General dealer in Kresh and Sall Mcats, Beef, Mutton, Pork, Hams, Poultiï, l.ard, Tallow, Í.-C, &c. HIRAM J. BEAKES ATTOBiJEY and Counsellor at Law. ..nd Solicltorin Ckncer.v. Office in City Hall Biock, over Webster's 3ook Vnre. WM. LEWITT, M. D. PHYSWIAÜ and Surgeon. Office at his resiiience, north side of Huroo sireet. and second house west if División street. M. GUITERxMAN & CO. [KTHOI.ESA.LE and Retail DeHlers and Manufacturers VV of Ready-Uade Clothtng Import er "f Cloths, Casimeies, Iloeskins, &c, No. 5, Phoeoix Block, Main st. WM. WAGNER. DEALER in Reany Made Clothing, Cloths, Cassiraeres, and Vesting, Hatf, Caps, Trucks, Carpei Uags, kc, Phognix Biock, Main Ftreet. "LAWSON & SON. Í1R0CERS, Provisión and Coarfnission Merchants, ind UT Dealers in Water Limo, Land Piastor, and Piaster )f Paris, ooedoor east of Cook's Hotel. J. M. SOOTT. AMöROTYPE and Photograph Artisi , in the rooms il overCampion'ö Clothing store, Phoeníx Block. Perfect Batisfaction given. C. B. PORTER. SURGEON DENTIST. Office Corner of Main and Huron Itrsets, over Bach & Pierson's Store. All calis iromptly attend-d to Aprl859 C. B. THOMPSON. DEALER in Drv Goods and Groceries, Boots and Shoes, c Produce bought and sold, at the old stand of Thompson h Millen, Corner Main and Washington sts. nyLACKT& SCH M ID. DEALERS in Foreign and Oomestic Dry Good, Grocerics. Usan;! Caps, Boots and Shoes, Crockery, ':., Corner of Main & Liberty sts. O. A. KELLEY, piiOTOCRAPHEK- Corner Fourlh & Huron streets. f An i Arbor. Cases frames and Photograph Album nstantly on haud, and at lower ratee than can be 'uoelewhero. Iy891 ANDREW BELL. OKALF.R ia tíroceries, Provisión, Flour, Produces, , kc,, corner Main and Washington Streets, Ion Arbor. The highest market priceapaid lor country i. o. o. f. tTTASHTENAW Lodge. No. 9, of the Independent Or'" iier o! Odd Fellows meet at their Lodge Room. "T Priday Kvening, at7} o'clock. 8. SovmiEiM, N. G. P. B. Rose,. Secy KINGSLEY & MORGAN. ATOlRNEYS, Oounsellors, Solicitors, and Notaries 1 Public, liave Books and Plats showing titles of all 'ndsia the Countv, anü attend to conveyancing and 'lctiogemanils,and to paying taxes and school in'■nttinnny part of the state. Office east oi the park. D. DeFOREST. iITHOLEíALE and retail dealer in Lumber, Lath, '" ShiQojles. Sash, Doors.Blinds, Water Lime, Grand "TPlaster, Piaster Paris, and Nails of all sizes A 'lUp.'i perfect issorttneot of thfi ahnve , :i nd al other $ of building material constantly on har.(' at the 'i'oujsible rates.on Detroit st..a few rodffrom the ;"'roa1 Depot. Also nperating extensively in the entement Roofin'ir. GRANGER & FINLEY, WTORSEYS & COLNSELLORS Aï ollecting and Land Agents 9'HOK OVER DCMfELLY's STOKE, HUEON STEF.ET, t Granobr, ) Aun Arbor, 3 icb. R' . Pwlby, $ JaD. 28, 164. 941tf


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