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Waiting For The Spring

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lö uier&fí ötli lile uiui Llingj A silenco reigns in air; Steel blue the heavens above me, Moveless the trees and bare ; Yet unto me the stillness This buiden seems to bring - "Patienee! the eartli is waiting, Wailing for the Spring." Strong ash. and sturdy chestnut, Hough oak, and poplar high, Stretch out their sapless branches Against the wintry sky. Even the guilty aspen Hath ceased her (uivering, As thotigh she too were waiting, Waiting for the Spring. I strain mine eais to listen, If haply wheie I stand, But one stray note of music May sound is all the land. '"Why art thou nmte, 0 blackbird 1 O th ush, why dost not sing ? " Ali ! surely they are waiting, Waiting for the Spring. 0 heart ! thy days are darksome ; 0 heart, thy niglits are drear; But soon shall streams of sunshine Proclalm the turning year. Soon shall the trees be leafy, Soon every bird shall sing ; Like them be sileut, waiting, Wait.ina for the Spring.


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