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What We Are Worth

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'1 he cntiro valué of land and otfier properly in the United States i. estimated at $6.000,000 0(10. Wc huvo cor,traeted a debt of 2,000,000,000, within tlic period of threc years. Mr. ('huso has usked of the pr sent GongressapptoprkiiöDB to the amourtt of 8800 00fr,(K)0 und otber expenditures will swoli-riíat sum to $1,000,000,000. büaWH? at tho nd of tlie presen!, fiscul year, ono half of tho property in the United States of every descripliou will havé been expended by the Government at Washington. The debt ol England is a little over $ -1,000, 000,090, ihe valué of property of every desoription ia 830.000,000,000 ; n othor words, the dabt of the United States, at the end of 1864, will have risen to onehalf of the value of the country while the debt of Englaud is only ibout oneeighth of the real of the country - Pitt&lurg, Post. L3L" 'i'eeiotalis-m fortida a in:m to j touch anything that can intoxicóte - ; oept a pretty lips. You may tasto thnt ■ artiele after signing the plcdge, ii you'll only do it diderdOtly aad with 1 eratlón.


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