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Sunday In New York

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lt is wol tli a visif, to JNcw ïork ti see the lower part of the city on a Sabbatb moroing, and contrast it with tlie bustle and confusión of all the week. The South Ferry, tbat great receptacle for onmibusscs and care where one'a life is in dangfir in erossing the Street, ia as quiet na a cathedral, Broadway is tiicely swept on oaiurduy niirht. nnd i silent as tlic wildernoss OU Trinity in the lower part of the city, and the aristocratie Grace 10 the upper, both in sigbt, seem to stand as entinéis over tbe boly time. Tbe revclcrs and sons and daugbters of p'caeure sleep late on Sunday n.orning, and the portions of the city necupicd hy tliom are silent as the tomb. Passing up tl.c west side of tbc city by the docks and steamboat wharves, one is irnpressed with tho sanitary bleesing of ttie Sabbath, and the hold it bas indircctly on all classes. Tbe laboring mei), loitering about or smoking their pipes, have on clean shirts and are shaved. Little childreD, from the lowcst deus and d-rkest alleys in the city, come on to the sidewalk with an attetnpt at eloanliness, and soine little ribbon or ornament on tlieir persons. The newsboys offer their papers in subdued toncs, and tbe bootblacks ask in a quiet voice, " black your boots?" and exhibit tbeir own shoes polished out of respect f tho day. All along the docks the utmost quiet prevaila, while the piers and wharves are swept clean, and the silence of a pestilence pervades these marts of trade. The sailora quic'ly do tbeir work in a holiday rig, and every craft has its bunting fiying. A 11 along tbe whaives are stationed Bethel chiirches for all natioos, atid floatiug chapéis, whcre divine service is held. These are mostly attended by the " Old Country men," as they cali themselves - the na'ives of Holland, or the Lutherans. The dram f-l:opa make a compromise with tbe day by saudipg their floors, putting their emploves in clean linen, and shutting up onebalf of tl-e shutter. The cburches are generally well attended in thu manhig. Kven the dovva tdwn cliurches have a good contiregation. Trinity church is always cro'ded at tho morning services. Seats in the aisles are all filled. The aristocratie cburch men eau well afford the ride fron uptown hotne to this cathedral. Their dashing teams and splendid outfits uppear to great advantage on a beautiful Sabbath morning. The full choral service is also attractive. No church in NW York holdH so large, fashionable and wealthy a congregaron as old Trinity in the morning; tha rest of the day it miglit as well be shut, [This is hardly correct, asa general thing. - Lxp ] Indeed, the sime may bt; said of nearly all the fashionatile churches in the city. Dr. Sprng's, Dr Adani's, the Collegiate, all present a striking contrast in the crowd of the morning and tbe leanness of tho afternoou We have hore about a dozen sensation preachers, who can grasp tho crowd and get an eveniDg audience. But for " Gospel preaching," fts it is calkd, one sermón a d;iy is as much as our people care inwardly to digest. The serm-on and tho dinner of the morning beiug over. tbo lovers of ple:isure appcar in their fftrengtb. The quiet of the niprning gives phice to revelry - Funerais that require a military procession and bands of' music are kept for Sunday nfternoons Central Park is crowded, and fashiouible people who do not care to rido in the country, drive liere in style. Il is the harvest of livery men. Everythiïig that can go ou four legs is eriL'agcu in advance. Fvom ten dollars to tifty dollars is the prtce of a team for an aftonioons drive. Thoae who do not own teams and cannot affrd to hire t.hem, tukc tho public ronveyauces. The same cars and boat that bear tho wttrshippors to their churohes in the morüing, carry the sons of pleasure to their scènes of recréation. Theatres of the lower order, concert saloons, gardene, lager beer cnclosures, all are crowdeJ. - As the day w;mes the pólice is doubled, and some parts of New York are moro dangerous to visit on Sunday night than any other night in the week. At twelv at night ;l! is again s-till Witb th e.irly hours of Mondar, Mamnioö awakens as a giant refreshed with wine seizes tlie re:ns, and drives with unslackened speed till tbe dawn of the Sabbath cobpels hiin to a temporary repose.


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