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Care Of Dairy Cows

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A witer roiniíien'i is follows on fws point of this suhj'vt: D"airy cowe stiould recoivo their fod at regskr intcrvíil ; rtïöif rnilk phoiitd ho drawn at stKtéd home, and ly qiiiet gontle milkál8, and t.tte y bhouM ho trealeu at ill Irmea wiih the greatest kindriei. I slioi t, every rncfMia hi the íiovver of dairy farracTS shrtiW lie nwd to insiire t oír i r;iuf juilííy. Hitrnh treatment niso exertí H verv rtijfit'ioys actioii o;i the miik, nüidering l U fm htiltery nd more 'nublo to iri'ili1 y. !Ïim; ■■;itim is n spe(.■ies of ('omtmsir ii. At evory hreaih we nliutu oxygen of tho atniosphere, imites itti :iii(i con-uiiies ihe futty rentteir ui tho fond. Whon cown aro wórried w lijven too rnpidly, they breathe moro fr qncntl y, inhale inora oxygen, and more f tho botery p'rtinii of Ihair food consumer!, leaving !e-s to 5o cmivorted inTo rrulk. It is wil known to all cxperienceii düii-vmen thui thöir rovvs yield more on p'easai!1 clays, or vvhen theV have the run of want, well sheltered [ms'.ure, thatl CM) tsold,'ik pasturen. r-tT M the New York Sanitarv fair on Monfinv, tbe opening nijrht, three nofoviouH picfc pooketS werc arrested and led tlirough all tlio dlSérotit halls, for the inspeotion of the guests. (W Only or;o Cfaurcli hs boen ereoföd in Spriogfflöid, Mas-?., in 1 jfcww


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