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How Sanitary Stores Are Distributed In The Army Of The Cumberland

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Thoy ure placed in storerooms as con venieat as po.ssible to tb o bospitals and camps, in ehartje of a competent storekeeper, and are given out bj him. First, and principally, on the written request of the Surgeon in charge, who in his request states the number for whom he desires to procure stores, and the special wants. -The storekeeper issues gtores on ihe application of the ladies in churgu of whüt is called the "Light Diet Kitciion" in hospitals. Those rirawn by ttio Surgoou are, as a general rulo, placed in charge of those ladies, vrhen the hos pitáis nre so fortúnate as to L.ave such help. These adi.e.3 oook and dbtrbu'.e to ti:3 sick Thiidly - The stores are givn to '■Iloapiul Visitors" - agenta who go to hospit&ls ;ind eaiupa, seeking out trom every possible" source any special cases of want, and supplying tbem. Such visita ai a made as often as possible. Pourthly- Tho storukeepers fill all orderg given by State agenta, for any oldicr they may find to bo needy, or wbo apply to them for relief. They algo furnish to individual soldiers, who may applies to any of them for relief, as oon as it can be ascertained they are really necdy. Under a general order of the Söoretary of the Department, they itPud to tlie .igenLs of the Chrigtian Uomiuis-imi t'ne s-una privileges as are enjoycd liy our öwn relief agcuts, distributlDg t'i them to upply uny individual ca ea of nsgloót or suffcring whieh they mny diauorer. Fifthly - They furnish goods to tho Soldiers' Hornea and to the Hospital Traii'S. W 11 ei i applicatiou is made by tho urgeitiis or the goldierg for such articlea as the goveniment has for distnbution, effort is made by the agenta of the Cpminission to have them Biipplied from governmeut stares.


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