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The annunl reverme of the United Kingdotn of Greut Britain is $355,000,000, Jacksonville, Fia., dates to the llth inst, give a list of 349 of our wounded, theu in the hands of the rebels. The drought in California has already destroyed cight thousand aheep and as many boevee. The oil wells of Penneylvania have produced 554,000 barrels oí petroleum since February, 1862. A letter says that during the montiis of January and February the sun did not shine out in England. The French government has enclosed thu Kappahannoök in doek at Calais, and placed a rnan-of-vvar in front of her. France has now 383 commercial ptcamern, to 65 in 1837. Of these, 16ö trade from Atlantio ports, and 172 in the Mediterranean. A fire broke out on Folly Island on the 8th nut., destroying a large amount of Quartennaster's stores. The government loss ia 8200,000. It is reported by onu who has traveled over nearly all the State ot Missouri that the peauh trees are generally killed down to the roots. The table and chair used by "Washington at the time of resigniug his commission, ure to be exhibitod among the ouriositit'8 at the Maryland 8tato Fair this montb. Over ten thousand acres of land have boen sold in South Carolina this season, at an average of $9 an acre. The Savannah Ilepublican, of the 14th states tliat the Yankee prisoners at. Anderaonville, Ga., are dying at the rate of twenty to twenty-five a day. The Confedérate conacription has been suspended in tho Firnt CoiKroesional district of North Carolina, and an amnesty offured to all North Caroliuians who ai e or havo been in the Federal service. It ia an actual fact that a man who attempted to hug a beautiful yourifj wnman niimed Miss Lemon, has sued her for Btriking hirn in the eye. Ho is altogelhi-r unreiiKonahle Why ehould he spueeze a lemon unless he wants a punch ? Italy is now the fourth naval power in Europe. Her roya] navv oonsints of tho following ships : screw steamers, 31; paddle-w!:cel steamers, 36; ironclrtd stea.nerf", 14; sailing line-of-battleships, 18. There are in process oí construction 12 other iron-clad vessels. - The steam fleet is 36,000 horse power, mounts 1,324 guns and is manued by 21,830 men.


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