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ciU on the advertisers. r" Prof. E. P. Evans will lecture before the Students' Lecture Association, a the M. E. Church, this eveuing. Subject- Bhíkspbarb. Admi-sion free. r-sr" We have of late received seve rtl Washington dailies from Coramissary Sergeant Cbarley Beookb, and just as we go to press we get a letter from him which wil appear in our next. jpy We have had no rain since Saturday laat, and the sun and wind have done a good work toward drying up the mud and removing the embargo from business. Livelier timas may belooked for. Real estáte has been very active during the Jast week, and we Uear of a large number of sales, both of farm and city property, at prices which show that our advantages are beginning to be appreciated. jpy The Ma8ons - not the bricklayers, but those "other fellows "-have been "hmgiDg theii banner on the outer wall," in the ahape of an elegant gilt sign over their fino new hall, in t'ie third story over A. P. Mills' store. Whatever are the secrets oi theMasons they evidently do not intend to keep their place of meeting secret. jpy Miss Foster has met with such encouragement and success in the instruction of her first class in the new and popular Light öymnastics, that she will organize a gecond one on Saturday,- to-morrow- bood. Those wishing to give their daughters the pliysical education necessary to their healthy development, should remember that the New Gyninastics are now the rage. See the card of Miss F. J3L" Gold reachod 189 in Wall St., on Ehursday of last week, since which it has gOB8 down to 166 and fluctuated between that and 172, closing on Wednesday at 167. - Stocks have dropped largely, and governmint secuvities " come down." The Wal' Street brokers are short, and money with them is worth 2 per cent a month. A portion f them want it to enable them to keep Iheir jteks until a rise, and the others to purchase irhiki down. If none but stock and gold ipeculators lose who cares 1 EF" We were at Ypsilanti on Saturdaj morning last, and found a " powerful " snow itorm in progress. Vt'e don't believe that snow feil any faster last Winter, or any more ! one time than feil on Saturday. Had the mevcury indicated a corresponding degree of cold we should have heard the sleigh bells.- W left bare ground here, waded through three inhes of snow in Ypsilanti, and came back at noon to find bare ground at home. - Passengers coming "West on the train said ■they saw the first signs of snow at Wayne. ty Wool h&ï gone up a peg since our last quotations, and is selling in our fcreets at 70 cents. Michigan fleeces sold in Boiton a fevt days since at 80c. But little Wheat is coming forward, and ourbuyers are offerin for Red $1.30al.35, tnd for White $1.50. Bijtter and Eggs have dropped a peg, and yeiterday our merchants were paying 25 ets. for the former and 10 ets for the latter. The improyement in the weather has evidently Btarted both the cows and hens. iy Bergt. Jonas D. Richardson, of Company D, 4lh Michigan Infantry, son of Eiiilus Richakdson, of this city, died in the Lincoln General Hospital, Washington, on ïriday last. His remains will be brought home fur interment, and the funeral is auDouncsd totake place at 2 o'clock, P. M., on 8uady next, at the M. E. Church. Sergt. RicniDsoïc sprained his aukle at the battla of Gettysburg and has been in hospital ever lince. He had succeeded in getting promise f a discharge, and his brother expected to .joto Washington in a few days and accompjny him home. Sergeant Richabdson went out with the Fourth Infantry on its first orpniiation, having been the first man en'olled in Oo. D, and has made a good and We soldier, never shirking duty, nor flinchJiginthehour of danger. Ann Arbor's list f detd oldier-heroes is daily,lengthening.


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