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Death Of Lieut. James E. Hawks

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Camp 4th Michigan Infantry, ) Bealton, Va., April 12th, 18G4. 5 At a meeting of the officers of the Fourth Michigan Infantry, held Monday evening, April Hth, 1864, at Headquarters 4ih Mich'êsn Infantry, the following preimble and reiolutions were unanimously adopted : Wherkas, A brother officer, Lieut. James E. Hawks, of the 4th Mich. Infantry, whorn " had learned to appreciate and to love for ths comraendable zeal and cheerfuluess he alwys manifested in the discharge of h8 duties " n officer and soldier, reg irdless of their P'ril, has fallen, though not as a soldier would P'fer to fall, on some well contested field, ith for his requiem the wild shouts of viclorioas comrades, though none the less honory he ha8 quietly breathed his last in camp. lifrefore, Resolved, That we the officers of the Fourth Michigan Infantry mourn the loss and sudden ith of this our beloved brother in arms, "tea t has pleased God in bia wisdom to al' from the battles of earth. Rtnlvcd, Tbat we deeply sympathize with 'oat afiicted family whose hearts have been J4e to bleed by this great bereavement that deprived us of an enthusiastic devoted Mrade, and them of an affectionate, dutiful k)í. f a loved and only brother. Ruohed, That a copy of these preamble 'ni fesolutions be si nt to the parents of the e5ed, and to the Michigan Arguê, the Ann ''oor Journal, and Livingston Republican, for wftcation. h order of the meeting. Oipk. JAMES B. MoLEAN, PretSdeoi, liwt. Sbobsb L. Mait, Seerelary.