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The Coming Harvest

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.brom our excuanges we glean the following facts in relatinn to the winter crops in Ohio : In the first place thcre is u doubt but that the breadth of taliowii grain was unusually large, The coroplaints of rijury, both to wheat aDd wiuter baiiey, by the severo cold of Janua:y lst, is universal. The ex tent of the injury is rated in different Joealities at from one-third to four fiflhs of the erop. Our markets h;ive come to depend so largely upon the spring-grown grain, that it is yet impossiblo to sny what effect this serious loss of the winter erop wi'l have upon the prieo of grain. Our Western farmers are now fitting their soil for the seed, and if the weather should be favorable, and the after fieason be propitious, the loss of the winter erop will have but little influence, espeeially upon the priee of inferior grades of flour. Oomplafntg are also universal of a wide-spread injnry to 11 ohoioe fruits. It appears that peaehe alraoit cverywhere within the 35th parallel are killed, and the "jury to the trees is said to be grent, but nt equal to the detructlon snffered in the winter of '55-'6, when the traes were kill d at far south ns San AfitOTlio, iu Texas Apples, and the more' liardy varietles of sniall fruits, we belicve to be bot. littls injnred. - The quesM m -ts t-i bow riiuoh ittjary ha been d dp ■■ th ■ i rpe, i" still unsottled. Vine ■.'! p ■ ! i b mts ditfer widely as to the ■ ■ "iiitr crup. - Tile v: , , :;.;llly UB b'lfüy kdlr i b was i resred, but lbo buda are ni ired. - Sandiuky Commercial Register.


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