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Fire Wood In England

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Thé Lóndón Review has a description !""l " eold in rhe streets metropolis. The writer iys: ! "' ' ' ■' i ■'■'■ to the proper lengths by w milis, worfeing night ! '■ I ■" ir s spli and stoved. ■ lijfhtine 'f i fire dependí cl di ssicüti in of the wood lytii rig; tbis ís obtained 1 i srreiit ho it - to suoh : Ht tht it bcoomes surroundd .viii, „ k,d of [ whih leapg as it ware to meet the re applied to it. The ordjaarj firewood is sold in bundies, as the reader nmst ba aware ; but tle "wfcesl" ia built up to the shape of a wheel in the most ingenious mauner. The bulder are young girls, rowa of wbom re veen employed in the factory, ach girl having aa iron matrix in the filiape of a wheel before her. Into this inalrix sbe dl opg with the utmost rapidity Mufficient pieces of wood to inake the rim aud spokes of her raiuiaturo wheel ; by the aid of a lever tlie different parts are janamed close, lifted a little frotn the matrix, and tied firnily torether with a tnag. 8onifl of the mora nimble of the firls will thus build thongands during wortmg lionr, The last proeess is to dip thein in a oauldron of boiling rosi and the patent firo-wood is complete. A fire caunot well go out wliere this patent wood is employed as it lights with the utmost ease, burns with fury, nnd gives oul sufficitíiit heat to boil akottlo known ■as the econoraieal patent firewood kectle, hy wbioh .'hree pinta of water can be boiled in R few minutes at the cost of a farthing. Indeed, a larga quantity is used by bachelors and private families for this purpose. One wheel is suffioient to kindie or light a fire in any ordinsiry sizod stove, and it the ratethey are sold, four fires may be kindlod at the cost of a penny. L2L" A wag ieeiug u iaily at a party with a very low necked dress and bare arms expresaed Ii is admiration by saying '■ ko " outbtripjied " the whole party. I


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