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IEBEOiimira!'ni0!iisinaK!Siwr,mnKmnimnn!mi!n7iñcii O. BI.ISS Woulfl take this mMhod of informing bis oíd frlends md patrona and all otlierEj who may favor him with tlieir patronage, tbaí he ha; greatly enlarged bis Stock and Assortmcnt ! íiml liayfnff arlopti ,' PASI1 SYSTEM 15UÏI! !N UITING &SKLLIKG ia prenarcd to ■■'.; GÍftHiR al HoasonaVlo ür'l'iccs, Uis siock cODslstsin par di che foliovliig! wfc-J AMERICAN AND OTEIER IfNt Watches! IIÉÊ jfPlf Tll Celebrated feii RRT-HTHOMAS ULOCKS1 FincJewelry Setts GOLD CIIAIN'P, TABLE AND POCKET CIJTLËKY ! Pazors, Rhenrn, Scissor i and Br'uphen, ROGERS PLATEÓ WARE, tbe best in mnrket, Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAPER uud ÈWÊtOPES, Musical Instruments, String íf Books for Instruments, ssniP33CJïiJa.oxj:E:!O, of Gold, Silver, Sttel, and PlaUd, with PERISCOPIO GLASS, a gaperloi m-íiclo. Persons having difflouH watcbes to fit with glasses ;an be accomoüated, as my stock is largc'antl comilpte. P. S. Particular attention to tlie f all kinJs of une Watches, r.uch aa Making and Setting new Jewels, Pmíojis, Staffs, and Cgllnders. Also 3LOCKS, Sc TE-WEIR." rcpaireil and Var-aiitpa, at his old standeast ide of Main Street. C, BLISS. Anu 4rbor,Noy. 2518C2 826tf ÜTOBLE & EIDER, are s-JIing their Inrn;e stock of BOOTS $t SHOES, CHE APEE TH AN EVER ! ! LOW PEICES FOE CASH. Jood Stoga Boots : : $2.50a$4.50 Hcn's good Calf Peggcá, 3.00 a 6.00 " " " Sovved : 5.00 a 6,50 rVoraan's " Lace Boots : : 1.00 a 1.85 jadíes' " Congress G'ts, : 75 a 2.50 3oys' Youtb's and Cliildren's Shoos : : ; : 15 a 1.50 Yow is the time to bvy as BOO TS and SHOES are rapiJly advancing in Eastern Markets. m ALSO IIAKE WARBAÏTED LST. WORK TO ORDER. g% AND RKPAIR. Liemeniber we can not aud will not be uudersold. Please cali and c . amine their stock LAWKEXCE NOBLE, . CHARLES RIDER. Aun .rbor, Fi-b. 15th,Í'61. tf944. ■IMIHlalJaUJiyál Terrible S!aughter! riIE VÍCTOR Y IS ÜURS! THE: BATTIiB Which has been ragiüg for the past four weeks at MACK & SCHMID'S STORE las proved a graud kucccss, altliuugh tlie slaughter of DRY aOODS las beon terrible. Wfi aow n;;tke Üie announcoment hn.t we shííll 'For Miny Years" to xaake vir uith high p rices, beiny determined to give the (undreds who daily throng oar store, full valué for heir mono y, Ladiea can íind ivith us all desh'able hades aud htyle.s of DEESS GOODS, RIB]3OifS, TRIMMIKG8, EMBliOIDEUIES, 5VIIITE GOODS, HOSIERY, GLOVES, &c, Vith a vvry large and attiactlve stoelt of 3L0AKS AND SHAWLS Wp lionr it saiil cvoryd;iy ihat wi aro ruin Ing Ihe ipeiness Ín ibis city by sellin so choap but we cannot i it, The Goods Must Ie Soid. ÉOOXtw St.ylo and bent qualitp QOOP SKIRT3 very ]i ap, and top the (JeiiUc.uifii we Ii.u a verj Jarg asoriiiuMit of rench Twilled CIoth.Beaver Overcoatngs, DoaskUis, Fajicy CaesiraereSjVestngs, &c, f all descripíiojiH, and can 'urnish a whole Ruit on Hort notice mnch clieapér than it cau be bought else rhero. An exaroination'öf thifl tfranch of our busi ?ss will con vi uce all tliat ihi:; s tbc place to buy their 'anís, Cote and Vesig. We liave alt,o a complete lock of Ladiea and Childrens 8aes. HATS AND CAPS, ijïd ïnfacteverythingtHStmattor womao caá déeiie o wear oa heaU or í'oot, Jroceries, Crockery, Glassware &c, kt astonisliinp: low príces, and in short our entire tncli must síiarethe same fate for wo a determined o olí, no matter what oíd croakMB may say. All are in-vited to inspect our, stock as it ia" no trouble á-ahow our goodSj and v.e are ööund to meet the e nantffl of aïj, RSjUl KW K CCBIBX). FURNITURE ROOMS One door North of Risdon and Henderson's Hardware Store. The un.'.ersignert havinf; purchased the entïro stock of W. 1. Smitli & Co., and aUled largely to the same, ia prepated to futnishhls ff'iends and patrono a good' assortment of well made furniture; consisting of SOFAS, BUREAUS, BEDSTEAOS, BOOK-CASES ! TABI.ES ana CHAIRS, of all kinds, and in facl of everythiug pertainicg to the miltaess. LOUNGES. MATR ASSES, &c., &c.,mnilp to order by good nnd expovieiced workmen, and ivarraned to give satisfaction. He nis.. Uoeps a goud ws&rttuent of Cherryand Walnut Lumber for ealat teuonable pricc-s. And wtU also pay the highest market prioe for Clierry. Walnut, and White Woud Lumber. P. S. He ha.s also purchajsfd the new and ELEGANT HEAESE! of Siuith & Co,, and i, prtpared to furnish all kinds of Wood Coffins, Mefalie Cases, AUSTO OASKETS, On the Miortest noticf1. Also attonfls to laving out leceafifd persons day and night, without charge. All furnüure delivered d the city free of charge. W. U. BENHAM. Ann Arbor, January 19lh, 1863. 940tf GREAÏ.G3EIEATER GREATEST BAKGálKS EVEE OFFEKED 1859. q1859' In thiüOity.areuowbeingofferedat the CHEAP.CLOOK.WATCH, & THK Subscriber wouldsay to the citizensof Ann Arbor, in particulïir, and the reBt of Washtena Cnuntv ingenern], that hehaijust ÏMPORTED Dl RECTLY from EUK0PE.8 Tremendous Stock of Waiches! AU of whichhe binds himself to sell CHRAPERtba con be bought west of New York City. I have also tne CELEIÍRATED AMEE?CAN WAT CHES, whichlwlll seYi ttr $35. Every Vvetch warrantbd t perforrn well,orthe money reiunded. Clocki, Jewelry, Pinted Ware, Fancjr Gooda. Gold Pens, Musicalliistruments and Strings Cutlery, &c, and infactavariety of everything uually keptiiyJew elerscan be houghtforthe nest ninety dBys at your OWN PRÍCES! Persons buyinp anything at this wrelF known estab ishme ntcan rely upon getting goodü exactly as rep resented, orthemonny PaJlearly and secure the best bargains ever offered in thï City. One word in regard to Repairïng : We are prepared tomafee sny repairs onfine or comnon Wntches, even to inakinpcer the entire watcb, f necessary. Repairing of Cïocks and Jewelry as leual. AIsü the man ufact oí RINGS, BROOCHS or aaythinp desired,fromCalifornia Gold onshortnoiep. Ilngravire in aïUtebranchesexeented witbneat□edsanddiepatch. 3 C. WATTS. RISDON & HEN DERS0l 3E3CL.-rO tlxO BUCK.ETE CRA1N DRILL, and Grass Seed Sower, Manufactured at Springfield, Öhio. THE VERY LATEST IMPROVEMENT, aud betterthan all othersj adapted to sowing Wheat, Rye, Oats. Barley inil Grasa Seed. lst. lt has a Rotary Feeder. %d. Will sow all kinds of Graiu and Grass Seed. Sd. JVever huncTies the Grain éth. JVever breaks the Giain. 5th. Sows Grass Seed broadcast behindthe Drill. QfJi. Has high wlieelsand long Hoes. lili. Has long and wide steel points. Sth. lt has a land measure or Surveyor. 9t. lt has doublé 'and single rank drills. lOth. lt has a self adjusting shut off slide. lt is neatly and substantially made. There is hardly a Drill offered in the m&rket bui can boast of more or lesa "■FIRST PREMWMSP They are aboutas ndiscriminately beütowed as the title of ' Professor," which is sometimos pplied to the "fiddler" or " bootblack." ( They cease to convey the iüéa oi' merit. Tlie Buckeyo Drill has been on Eliibition at quite a number of State and County Fairs, and without seeking favor at the hands of any Committee, has received it.s Tull share of Premiums TESTIMONIALS : We Liive the foilowing Dames of a few Farmers in th:s vicinity wao have bought and used the Buckeye Drill : Gudfrey Miller, Scfo. Jacob l'olheraus " .ïacobTri.'mper, ' Thomas White, Nortbfield. John Brokíiw, t( Christian Kapp, " Edward Boyilen, Webster. James Treadwell, AnnArbor Daniel O'Hara, " ' Jo!m (Í. Cook, Lodi. O. A. Marshall, ll L. KilmonB, Saiine. George Cropsey, Green Oak, Liv. Co. Wo arealso Agenttt for the Ohio Reaper & ESwer, acknowledged tobe the very best in ijse. We are just ín receipt oí 100 Grain Oradles Whicli we -will sell Clieap. AUo í. largo assortment o Grrass Scytlies. An.1 the largest and best selected etock of BENT STUT F OR CAIiRIAGEPever before oiTered in this marjtet We aiso keop alargeand full NAILS, GLASS, PUTTY, PAlNT.and LINSEEU CIL, A complete assortment of STOVES, TINWARE, iD EAVK TROüGUSalways on hand and put np ï thf ihorteetnotioe. RfflPON nïVPF.RSON, Abc A;tcr, ;riCf t. ÏWÏ p. ..-.(


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