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JTJST OPENING ? ..■■ The largest Stock and bcst assortment of CABINET FÜRNITURE ? ever brought to this city, ineluding SOFAS, TE'FE-A-TETES, LOUNGES, BED ROOM SETS CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS, CIIAIRS, CSriaiSJses Gilt Frames and Mouldings METALIC CASES, &c, &c, and all other goods kept in tlie best and laigest houses ín tl.e country. We ncopno second hand furnituie or Anction gcjil.s. CnHins; kept constantly on hand, and made to order. ïly goods are offered at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES N B T muflí liavp mcnr.and respectuil'y reqiu-;t those iudebted, io cali and fix np old matters without delay. O. M. MARTIN. AmArbor,Oct.6 1863. 925tf y y The peculiar taint or SïjV gt infection which we cali aw 4w SciiOFULA lurks in ..p the constitutions of -- ak fÜ?r mu'''tlulcs of men. It .:fsmM_V citlicr produces or is -=1_wÍRhH!ÍiI produeed by an en'■SiJSA reebledi vitiated state fr:é$MLE0Moí tlic blooil whcrcin ÍV cSSifeW igsthat fluid becomcs ínjoJHlfc È -jJÉ5YjRScomPetellt t0 sustain ÊBS$ë&! ■fjdSS.isTKTjthe vital forces in their Jffi"-fL" UlMËËS v'gorons action, and ÍiJÍgj3SKcCaffifp_ leavcs the system to rsZ! "Ssat; f'all into disorder and vsSa- decay. The scrofulous contamination is-variously caused by mercurial disease, low living, disordered' digestión fi-om unhealthy food, impure air, fililí and filthy habits, the depressing vices, and, above all, by the venereal infection. Whatever be its origin, it is hereditary in the constitution, descending " from parents to children unto the tliird and fourth generation ; " indeed, it seems to be the rod of Him who says, " I wilt visit the iniquities of thé fathers upon their cbildren." 'J'ho diseases wbich it originates take various names, according to the orgaus it attacks. In the lungs, Scrofula produces tubereles, and finally Consumption ; in the glands, swellings whlch soppurate and become ulcerous sores ; in tho stomach and bowels, derangements which produce indigestión, dyspcpsiñ, and livor complaints ; on the skin, eruptivo and cutaneous affections. These all having the snme origin, require the same remedy, viz. puritication and invigoration of the blood. Purify the blood, and these dangerous distempers leave you. With fecble, foul, or corrupted hlood, you cannot have health ; with tliat " life of the flcsh " healthy, you cannct have scrofulous disease. Ayer's Sarsaparilla is compounded from the most effectual antidotes that medical science has discovered for this afmeting distemper, and for the cure of tho disorders it entails. That it is far su]ierior to any other remedy vet devised, is known by all who have given it a trial. That it does combine virtues tiuly extraordinary in their effect upon this class of coraphiints, is indisputabiy proven by tho great multitude of puMicIy known and remarkable cures it bas made of the folluwing diseases : KÜlg's Eyil Or Glandular Swellings, Tumors, EruL tions, Pimples, Blotches and Sores, Erysipelas, Kose or St. Anthony's Fire, Salt Eheum, Scald Head, Coughs from tuberculous deposits in the lungs, White Swellings, Debility, Dropsy, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia or Indigestión, Syphüis and Syphilitie Infections, Mercurial Diseases, Female Weaknesses, "n3, indeed, the whole series of complaints that arise from impurity of the blood. Minute reporta of individual cases may be found in Ayer's American Almanac, which U fuinishcd to the druggists for gratuitous distribution, wherein may bo learned the directions for its use, and some of the remarkable cures which it has made when all other remedies had failed to aftbrd relief. Those cases are purposely taken from all sections of the country, in order that every reader may have access to some one who can speak to him of its bensfits from personal experience. Scrofula depresses the vital energies. and thua leaves its victims far more subject to disease and its fatal i-esults than are healthy eonstitutions. Henee it tends to shorten, aiid does greatly sborten, the average duration of human life. The vast importance of these considerations bas led us to spead years in perfeeting a remedy which is adequate to its cure. This we now offer to the public under the name of Ayer's Sarsaparili.a, although it is composcd of ingredients, some of wbich excecd the best of Sarsaparilla in alterative power. By itsaid you mayprotect yoursclf'from the suffering and danger of these disorders. Purge out the foul corruptions that rot and fester in the blood ; purge out the causes of disease, and vigorous health will follow. By its peculiar virtues this remedy stimulates the vital functions, and thus expels the distempers which lurk within the system or burst out on any part of it. We know the public have been deceived by many compounds of Sarsaparilla, that promised mueli and did nothing ; but they will neither be deceived nor disappointed ip this lts virtues have been proven by abundant trial, and there remains no question of its surpassing excellence for the cure of the afflieting diseases it is intended to reach. Although under the same name, it is a very different medicine from any other which has been before the people, and is far more effectual than any other which has ever been available to them. CHERRY PECTORAL, The World's Great Remedy for Coughs, Colds, Incipient. Consumption, and for the relief of Consumptive patient3 in advaneed stages of the disease. This has been so long uscd and so universally known, that we need do no more than assure the public that its quality is kept up to the best it ever has been, and that it may be relied on to do all it has eve'r done. Prepared by T)r. J. C. Ayer & Co., Practical and Analylical Ciemists, Lowell, Mass. Sold by all druggists everywhere. STEBBINS & WILMJ.N', Aun Arobr, E. SAMSON ïpsilanti, A EWING, Deiter, WHEKDON & HATCH, L'helscn. Wholesaleby FAÜRANIisllELCV & Co Deroit. C'. K. COI'UKN ," Travellmg Agnt. Family Dye Colors. riOR Dyeinc: Wik, Woolrn and Mixed Goorts, Shawls, [ ticarfis, ütresnef), liibbnns, (ilovcs, Honiiets, Hftts, 't'ntheis, Kiil Glores, Childrcn's Ciochiag, and all iuds of WearÏDg Appcirel fS-A SAVlAiG OF SO PEK CEST- Kor 9S oents you oftn color as inahy roods as -ould tbenvise cost five times that s;m. Víusous shades an beproduced f. om tho saine Dye. The process s i in p Ie, iud any oue can use the Dye ïvith perfect sucess. Directinns in English, FrcncU and Germán, insido of aohpackge, For rurtber jnformation in Pvelng, and giving a per eet knnwledi1 ivhat eoiors are bf.sf adftpted to dye ver otbers. (witli ninny ;ilu :t n-vi],es.) parchase Iowe & Stepbens' TreatiBe on liyeim; and Coloring. ent by mailon receipt of price - 10 cents. MaQufactuit'd hy IIOWÜ k STEVENS, 2öO Broadway. Boston. Chanocry Salo. TN PURSUANCE and by virtuc of a decree of th. lCircuit Court, for the County of Waahtenaw ht Chaieery, made on the first day of July 1863 i'nT cause tbere.n pending, wheiein Alonzo Clark i.Vm plainant Laban A. Sergeant, Sergeant, Edwin K.l" l'„'K.J'.lin W.Smitli, Kanny E. femeant f.ll, 7 Ulwillfc UwAbt, WW. WMansfiêld, JÏSï Dearborn.ond.TohniMnith n.e defendant. Notice s hereby given that 1 shall sell at public in on to the highest bidder at 12 o'clock, noon, on W dTthe 20111 day of April next. at the front oor ofth, WashtMtew Cennty Court Houw., in the City of A„. Arbor all the following piecci or pareéis of" land it. uated lying ná belng in tl e Townbip of Bridfewt„ Washtenaw County and State of Michigan, dmcribed u' fo:iowa to wit . Sixty atrfs ol lar.d fr„m tbe north eD" of the Last half of the South east quarter of ectio nunibertliiny four ; alo sixlyaciesof land from tb, Noitli end of the We.1 hall of the South west quarter of sectioi. mimber thirly five, Townsb.p number fout áouth of range number foor Kast, beingin all one hu. dred and iwenty acif-s of l„nd. CHURCHILL H. VAÑCI.EVE r „ „ Cir. Court fcm.Wash.Co., Micb. E. B. Woon, C'mnplainant'siiolicitor. Dated, llarrh Öth.lSM. 947td Estáte of Jane Howe. QT4TEOF MICHIGAN, County ol Washtenaw aj': O At aseiisionof the Probate Court lor tbc Cou'nty of1 Washtf naw, holden atthi Probate Office, in the City .{ nn Arbor, ou Monday the eleventh öay of April ö' the yfar one thousand eight Iiundred and sixty-fóu,Present, Thomas Ninde..ludge of l'rohate. In the matter ol the Estáte uT Jane Howe, lat o{ said County, 'ieceassed. On readingand filing the pet ilion, duly terifiíd. of Harlnw H. Howe,pra7ng .' r the appointment of administrator on theestate oi aid deeeasfd. Thereuiin it is Ordered, tíiat í'rídwy, the ixtli day of UT nexl, at one o'clöók in the afternooo be assigned for the hearing ot aid petitinn. and thatthe heirs at law of said deeeased, and all othe? persons interested in eaid estáte, are required to adpaar at a session of pair! Court, tlien to be holden a thf Probate OlFice, in the City of Ann Arbor, in saii County. and show cause, ifany Diere be. why the prare of the petitioncr should nut begranted: And it is further ordered, that said petitione bive noticeto the persons nierpsted in said estáte, e the pendency ol said petitiun, and the hearing therèofj by cauBinga copy of this ürder to oe published in the Michigan Argii.a ,ienspapr-r j.rinted and cirrulrliii insaid Cotray ofWahVe?aw, three successive weekt previous to saló day oí hearing. (A true Copy.) THOMAS NI.M1E, 852 Judge of Probate Comniissioners' Notice. OTATE OF MlCHIGAV,Co.oty of Washtenaw a ._ k The undersigned baving been appoiDted bj the Probate Court for said County , ComAllHRionen to receive, examine and a Ijust all c aims and demnndj of all persons against the eslate of George Danlortt, Ule of the City of Ann Arbor in said County, deceased , bere. by give notice thut six months from date, are, by order of said Probate Court, alJowed furcredilorn to pieaeat their claims jitrainst sani decf-afied. and that tliej tóh meet at the office of the undersigned AlDheus Flcti ia the t'ity of Ann Arbor, In said Countv. on Snturdr the ninth day of Juïy, run! M.indfiy the tfnth da? tri Öet ber onto'clock P. M. ofeach day, to réeeire examine and adjust siiid claims. AI.PHKUS KF.l.fH, ) JAMKS KIXCSI.F.Y. Í Commissionern W1I.I.IAM s. AYNARD, ) Datrd, April lltli. ig'W. 952w4 Ditch Safe! NOTICE is hereby giren that the undersigneú age ot W-ishtena County will Jt to the lowest i idder, at th house of Jamen Sac. i town.ihip otLodi at one o'clnck P. M., the 30 h inst-, twohundred and eightv-eight rods of ditch in said townnhip. Deptli as mark d on Station Stakn w-Idth. slope and all other parluutars made knowu oi the day of sale. .T.J. PARSHALL, 2 PRIKCK BENNETT ( Draii-affe J.F. AVE..Y, Í Commisioi,ef. I.odi, April Ift 1S4. Ditch Sale. ,V OTICE is lurcb.v s-,v, i, Uu,! rhe undersign.d Dral. e Commiasfoners will seli to the highet Wi„ atoneo'clock F. M., !,.-en.y ui.,1 h.inst., at ■ ho' of Andre.v Campbell, in the tonriship of PillfieJd Wahtenaw County, e'ght Iiundred and eighteen rodi' of ditch to be made in i-aid township. Oepth as mart edon -tati..nstaUef, width , slope ad all oiher uartieularsmade kiK.ivn oi. day of sale. 1. .1. PARSHAU.. -V PR1NCE BLNNETT o ""'""ï' J. 1' AVI HY j Lommissiooeri I'ittsfield, Auril ltrïf64; ' Jirownt'IJ & l'iiijn, gen'l mmmm merchanis, 18;! Sbuth ifater strtet, CHICAGO, ILX.I3STOIS. Dealers in Grain, Flour, Provisions, eeds, Green and Dried Fruits, Cider, cêc. Reference8: Preston, WHlard k Keen, Chicago. S. Botsford Co-, Ann Arbor, Mich. S, Particular nttcnlion given to the sale ofGreê and llried Fruits, Oider, kc Orderi for the purcliase of Clover and TimothT eed, fut Meats, Sc, promptly attended to if panied witl, cal! or satinfactory reference. W9tf CIT1T COOFER SHOP. o SPAFFORO & DODLET, Eiiccessors to O. C. SPAFFORD & D HENNINÖ, 'Wouldrespectfully announce to the citizen ot Ann Arbor and vicin.ty, that they are uow iranufacturinj and keep constant ly on hend a Large Assortuaent of QOOPER WORK! Sui'li as ork and ( idcr Barrels, Kogs,Firkins, Churas, Well Bnckets, Flour and Apples Barrels, tÉc. Merchnnts and Mrewersare inrited to examine tbeir. Butter Firkins and Beer Kegs. CTJSTOM "WOBK, done to ORDER on SHORT NOTICE and warranted. Í3P Cash paid for Staves, Heading and Hoops. Shops corner of Detroit & Nortu Streets, and conw' of North 4i Fiith Sirsets. SPAFFORD & DODSLET. Ann Arbor, Feb. 6(h, 1864. 943tf ÏÏïflcF ací oryí Beutier & Traver, [Successors to A. J. Sutherland,] il:uiufacturers of and Dealere in Guns,Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Pouehes Gamt Bags, and Everjotiier articie ïl that Line. AU kinds of ' " ''■ lone at the shortest notree, and m CufDeVf inaonfr. MkÍEYIIiSí í faUasaortmentalway kapt on hand and made order tü, Shop corner Mam auu Washington treets. Ann Arbor, Oct. ,?, li-e_'. 873tf Toba eco ! Tobacco ! I AM SKI.I.1NO 3OODFINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO Aifrom Fifti cents to SI per pound. SMOKING TOBACCO, rom 14 cents to 20 cents per pound ai retail. M. DEVANY. Ann Arbor, 5tich ., D.Í-.17, 1SS2. 883tf


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