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publisbedevcry Friilay thethird story of .u.bnckblock.coruerof Main and Huron Sts.. ANK "BOB, Mich. Entranceon Huron Street, oppos.tetho ELIHU B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Terms, $3,OO a Ycar In Aclvancc. idvcrtlsliig-One square (12 Unes orlen), one k 75 cents ; turee weeks $1.50 ; and 25 cents for "„rVmsertion there fter, less than three munths. One square 3 mos $4.00 Quarter col. 1 yeai $20 One square f, mos 6.00 Half column 6 mos ;0 One square 1 voar 9 00 Half column 1 year 85 rToïq'M 8 mol 8 00 One column 6 mos. 36 Vwo sq'res 1 year 12.00 1 One column 1 year 60 Card in Directo ry , not to exceed four Imes, Í4.00 ïdv'irtKer to the extent of a quart.r col..., regu [.fythroughtheytar. will be entitlcd to have tb, ir rds i" f)rectory without extra charge. VW Advertisements unaccompanied by w.itten or tertol'ürectionsw.llbe pubhshed until ortlered out, ,!:ragdevdertiC8Oermenn!nrst insertan, 50 cents per „KU per folio for each ubsequent ,rser ,on W i,n a post pcnement is added to au advert1Sement the ïh„le wi" be charged thesame as for fin.t.nsert.on. Job Prlntlng-ramphlets, Hd ""j dwith prompt nes, and in the be=t Wyle r.rd-We havea Ruggles Rotary Card Press anS .Wevanèty ■,ft stylesof Card type iniílM iïVo pr nt Cftrds of all kinds in the neatest odible trie "and cheipcr thíin an otlu-r house m the Pf Bnes" rards formen of allavocat.ons and and Visiting Card,, prmted on .Uortnotice. dalland see samples. KOOK BINDI3G- Cnnnecteiiwith the Office Isa nffice.


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