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Gen. Burnside's Opinion

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It is the fasbion now with ihe disurion press to eulogise this person. P.-r haps, thereforo. they muy be interester) in tLis liltle reminisccnce ol a fact which we quoted at the. time of its occurrence. and which is now reproduced by thehis torian, J. S. C. Abbott, io Lis ourreni Historj of the War: Gen. Burnsirie, at a public meeting in New York, paid the following tribute to lus (Gen. M.-Clellan's) worth: ' I have known General McClellan most intimately, as stu'letits togctlier, a, soldiors in the fi 'ld, as private citizet-s. For yais we liave lived in the same family, and I know him as wel! as I know any uraan beiog on the face cf theearth,aDd I know that no more honest. consnieutiou man exista tlian Oen. McClellao. I know that no feeling f am bitton, beyoud tliat of the success of our cause, ever euters bis breast. All that he does in with a single eye, a single view to the success of tbo governmeut and the breaking down of the rebellion. I know that nothing under the Bun will ever induce that man to swerve from wbat he knowi to be hig duty. He i. an honest, Chrintian-lika and conscientious man ; and, let ne add one tiiing. that he has tlio soundest tiead and clcarest miliary puroeptiou of auy man m the UuitB.d States."


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