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A Warm Batk Wager

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8 mi tb was o man who never permitted hiniself to be outdone - he woulii do ■Ahatever anybody else could. Smith mot Browii iri a bath room. and Brown Irnowing the ollior's oonceií, naid tbaí he (Brown) could endure a hotter bath than any living man. Thereat Smith fired up, and a bet was made. Two bathing tubs were prepared with ?ix inches of water in each The felluws stiipped, and, sparated by a cloth partition, each one got in and let on the hot water on the word - the wager being who sbould stay in the lonL(jst hot water running. Smith drew up bis feet as far :is possiblc fi'om the boiling stream, whila Brown pulled out the plug in the bottorn of the tub. After about half a minute, qunth Smith : "How is it, Brnwn - pretty warm ?" "Yeg," said the othev "i's getting mighty warm but I guess I eau held ouí a minute lunger." "So can I," answered Smith. 'Seis s a squash! lig'h'tning ! it's twful !' Fift'.'en secnnds passed, equal to half an hour by .Smith's inaginary wateh, ''I say, ovej1 diere, how s t now ?" 'O, nearly up o the biliu' t -int. O. Christopher i' iinswered the diabolical villain, who ws lyng in the empty íub, while the lint water passed out of the escape pipe. By this timo Smith was sjiiurging aboat like a boiled lobster, and ealled again, "I-s-ay, over there, üow ís it nw ?" "Hot," replied Brown. 'But - whew I teis sí .'uess I can hold out another minute " - ■You can't !' shrieked tho now boiüng Smitli, who rolled out and bolted through rhe partition, exp'-t-ting to find the other quite oooked ll You infernal rascal ! ■ hy didn't you put the plug in?" Wby, 1 didn't agree to said the imperturbable joker. " Whj in thnnder didn't you eave yours out ■?"-


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