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Extravagance Of New York

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A New York oorrespo&dent of the Providence Journal, after descri'bing the preparations for tlio Metropolitan Faj,r, proceods to reinarle as follows : "ín the mirfst of ill tliis patrio' io iverflow of hcart anJ pocket, then.' a also a aeething ourrent of xtravagaut folly settina umulv, it woald eeoj towarda ruiu. Too mueii caunot bu said or writ en of tliis insano aatiia among u. - Vhereit wilí end heneen only know-. DuriiiL the series of prívate concerts and tabléame vkaitii, given for t lio benefit of the fii', one of our most fashionahle la,]es - formerly í. most famons B'istop helle - thri.'W open her housa on Madíscn Square lor i Masquerade party, Dot iu a'd of the Sanitar.y fair bilt in sheer love of seníation am! rcekloKS expenditure. - No cnd of mouey wag lavished. The oostumea woro ouique, outre, dazzling, gOrgeaus Swns of i,hotu it is said, dis giaeefullv wantino n modest jrace and womau'y fitüèss ; buHhen wlien one is asked, one can be oLlivious to such effeote, I supposo. The distinguished hostt's horáfíf', always feitiie in oxpedicuts of outdoiüg the boldest leider uf ton, on tliat patrio ie occasion uámortiilized her ijeuiuH, appearinj béfore her iistonishoil líucats with a coronal of living fíame je' s ! [n !de course of the entertainment, whiob was kept up until 6 o'oteok A M. - brt-akfast beiug duly servod to the rtvélers- the wearor of tl'.'it remarkable head drest, in a most suavo aid aracious manner, -i'yraled the secret of its success. - Attaciif;a to her hoop skirt was a small gasotneter, and a conneetmg pipa, pasa'iip up butweeu the elabórate braiils of her black h ur, secured tho briíliaut triumph, at tbo risk of tho wearer's life ! Eleven of onlton r:iisef) in TJttih, havo heen recei' ed i San Framisco. ndmoreisto follow. Tho Mormons urea baodypéoplein vurióas ayé.


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