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The National Debt

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Hunts Merchnnt's Magazine fot April show ihe increada of thu public dabt as lollnws : . , Dubt. Inc. per day. July 1, 1809. $ÖO8,6?5 409 July 1, 18S3, J,fl:)8.7i).'J.l-l $1617 300 Sept. 30, 1883, 1,983.113.659. 1,370 200 Match 15, 1861, 1,580.201 ,774 2,157,150 Tb appi'6piii.itiiiiM furthe year 'ho ginning July I, fo aPei 11,800,000,000 and the prc-i'iii lai uuthorizü 1,100 - 000.000 of gold interest debt. Henc th eSpt-iL-tis oí the ncxl Neven monthn ere likely t ba na much um few tlm lust !x rnouth, v-z f2 157,150 per da.v, which wil! jrivc Hn ucreuxe of $458,001, 500 in ihe debt, and thia must lio derived paper r i ■ I j interest dubt. In the l;t;i.r cae 37,000,000 wili le addud t. lbo y...) iner-t and four and a baif million to thfl sink ingfund, makiojí o damund riifara the next twglvo rn bs ui g85,OOO,Ü(J0 tor gold, wbich s uut likely tcj bo derived from caHtoin. The lurgest sionunt ever obtained Irom ibe oustoirn was lust yer, $69,059,612 In i 858, ihe araount was $48,000,000. SféT Tlio Jouni'd of Commerc puts the ïduas of the Jacobius upoti the freedom of debato iu Cungren u the tonn of now rule to be udoptc-J by that body, as follows : No membör of Congress shall adro cate auy plans of guveniii.ciit, or make sny epeculi-s on tliè" statu of tlio Union, which hall eontruvert tho views of tlio jnajonty, or propone any othcr way of governitig the Uuiou States tban the wny determiu (! on from time to time by the tUmi of h tnsjority,


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