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Soldiers' Votes

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The bmzen-faoed deniali oí Thadeus Stevens in tho Houho the other day, that the adininistrntion u.ed soldiere to curry eleotiona in the Northern States we exposed p.-omptly, and guve to Congress tho tneane of ascerlaiuing immediutely and precisely just how, when, rhere, and by h that polltioal perfidy was denigned and acoomplished. - Wo showed yesterduy how solctiera ' were used in the Delawore eleutions. The following privato letter from aKepublican soldier in North Carolina will show how votos were atteropted to be used in the Connectiout election. Tlio ' denmndM of ihe Tribnni man for soldiere' votes iu that statu were compüed i with, and the following letter Fbow that since storma at hou preventcd such n use somo of the men Kunt off from North Carolina, by delaying their vosst-1, even the pretest of furloughs wijs flonted, and the so!dirs sant to the tield iigain without the least eoruple: "P,yrnoinh, N. C, April 10. ''üne hundied of i;s receivtd orders the other dity tn report to üovernor Buckinaharn, in Conneotwut, for twen ty d:iy.-, to onforoe the draft. "So off we sturted, thinking the War Department wnn doinii a nica thing for lis. Bnt we had rongh weather, which (ielayd us until t was too late to aet hotiie bifore eleottoQ ; 10 they ordered us li:ick to Plvmonih again, where wo urrived, hut uot very good natured, afler a weet on au old transport, living on hnrd bread nnú niw rneat. '■I shunld probably havo voted for Buckinghani if ne had got home biit many ol Lhe boys wouid have yoted ' aiiain-t him, or not at all, as they did not ap[rova of th: underhanded g;-.iue. Althonjfh thuy üetonged to he sama p irtv, t mukes hard leelings in a reginuint to tük; men in that way. Let them send for a wbolu regiment, or for ' u ar,"


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