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The Western Militia To Be Called Out

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TIn; statement ttiat the object of th visit of tha western (ïovemors to Vash ing on, w.aa to offyr the nationol povern ineut the sciviots of the militm of thei respective States, to garrison fortresees keep open emnmuoications, ole, receive official oonfirmation Ohio, Indiana Illinois, Iowm and Wisoocein, are to funiisli ai ijrjrrtcrate of 85,000 men fo one bbndred dnys' service froui Mooday Maj lid A procluiuaúon from Gover nor Hrougli orders out ttie Natioua Ouard, bnown last year as the Volunteer Mi'itia. Telegraphers, engii.eers ani pilots are exempted in certam cases. Otlier inembers of the organizatiou mus report in persen or by substituto, or suffer t!ie usual penaltius of desertion. Tl'e üational irovernmetit will py the troops; no bountics. however, will be awarded. Goverooi Morton calis íor 20,000 volunteers. Cnnipauies ind reginients of the Legirn, reportin np to tïieir minimum number, wil! bo pcnuitted to retuin their orgiiriiziitiona. lt ia reported that Gov. Mit'ou will takt command iu person.


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