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Army Penchant For Newspapers

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ieo. AughKtug Siila t:iys, in his last Ie ter to the L'ndn Telrgraph : The Amerioan soldier.s console them selves for tlwir cnforced nblinence by Bockiog uny quaatity of lol ly pope, by smoking my Dtimher of short pipe:, t)}7 chewing ny number of quid, and by reading bdj number of newMpapen. The oonsiunption ü( jonrnaliam in tho Federal urniiea ia tretnendous, and the perusiil of newspapers ippears to vield tho rnvn anceumng and unfuiliDgdeligbt I have heard that on ihe battlefield oí Antit'tnm, in the intervals of the bloodie-t charge, ihe rowdy üttle nowsboys would come Bcacnpering along the en sanguined rank, oryiog "extras" of the New York paper. It is certain that yon can h-ardly pass a soldier's tent il this great camp without finding ono 01 more of the ocuapants iiitünt on tho eludy of the printed sheet whioh are vornited forth overy raorning by the JNew York press. l- - i I il


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