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Naíional Democratie Convention. Ata meeting r the National Democratie Committei', held in New York tlus day, t was unanimously voted thiit the iiext National Democratie Convention, for tho purpnse of nnminatuig canili'iates Tor the Presidenc) and Vjco Preiidenov olthu l?o!ted State, be held nt Chicago, ïlllnnfa. on M0H1U7, JULY 4th, lgr.4. Br Toto of the Comialtte at n neetlng held Pep toraber 7, 1863, the nu rubor of delrgates for r.ich State. Axed nt doublé t'c onmber of itp electoral roteB. AÜOUST BELMONT, Chairman. FjirnEi:rrK O. Pmscï, ?ecretary. Nw rork.Jsn. 12, ISi4. Democratie State Convention. A Democratie SLito Conveation will bo held at the j City H..!l, inOetroit. al eieren o'ciock : the foreuoon j of lYodnesday. tho fi.fteenth L'ay of Juno ni rt, for the I parpóse or appomllog Rlxteea delégate ts the I cratio National Con, entura, to b( hold at Chicago, on the fuurlh day of .hy next, and for purpn of trannactlngsucli otherbuilootSM maj coma before the Convontion. Eaoh oounfycomprisiug ono or more representativo district vnll be ontitle.l lo three timesas iü:iny delégate is there are repreaontttlves in the loner house of the State LegUUturofrum suoli county and eaoh oountj which may not be eutitlod to one represeutitive u the lower benae of the Legislatura will bo entltied toono delégate in tho State Oonventioa. Ey rosolution of former State Conrention, no delo gata wil] bo entitlod to a seat in tho Convention who doos not reside in the counly he purportï to repreöf nt, except with rererencj to the asuatle ui tho Upper Península . Datad, Detroit, April 12, 18Í54. LEVI BISHOP, Clm-lrman. H. N. WALKER, w a Rirriimwri MBTOM H. CLARK, Iwlkl w' N. A. BAIjCK, AUriTIN" W I ES o-M-nTr?K' HÜH HAEMO1 L. D. NOBBB, JOSEPH CWL'LTER, Demoeratie State Central Committee. Democratie County Convention. Democratie Delejrates from the veral Townships of WaKhtenaw Couuty will moet in conrention at tbe Court Houto in tlie City of Alm Arbor, on Thursday the 9th day of Ju'ie, 1864, at 12 M., for the purpose of tltcting delégales to the Democratie State Convention to be held in tho City of Detroit, on the 15;h of June ne.t. Eaeh Tmvnsliip and Cily will bcentitled to representatiresa follown : Ann Arbor City, 12 I PittsfieM, 3 " " ïuwn, 3 j alem, 3 Jugust, 3 Saline, 5 Hri.tgewater, 4 Srio, 5 xter, 3 Sharon, 3 Freedom, 4 Huperior 3 I-ima. 3 Svlvan, 4 Lódi, 3 Webster, 3 I.ynilnn, 2 York, 4 Maiiche.ster, 5 Vpailauti Town S Northffeld, 4 11 city, lü A.C. BI.OÜGHT, G.W. HALL, J'. C. MUKR AY, Wm. M. BRÜVTN. C.S. GHEGOilY, E. G POND. April 2Oth, Iffi4. Executive Committee.


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