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-The Swords whieh excited so much interest at the !ate N. Y., Fair, and whieh were to be presentad to the army ar.d naval officers getting tho most votes- -each subscriber to have one vote for each dollar paid wero awarded to Gen. Guant and Commodore Kowan. For the Army sword, 44.963 votes 'ere given, for Grant, 30,291, McClellan, 14,593, Febmont, 72, Banks, 21. Fitz Joiik Poktkb 14, and b&lanue scnttering. At the time the open polls were closed, and tha secret ballot rosortud to - Saturday afternoon, nt 2 o'olook- McClellan was laigi'ly ahead, but tho " Loyal Leag ures," and " Shoddy Speculators," who are great on secresy, shollad out by the thousands when thej oould do it without fearof bding checkmatud, and gave the victory largely to Guant. Great s "strategy." Tho voto for McClkllan it is asgerted, representa the most .wsons, that for Gbant tha most office ïolders, contraotors, eto. All right. - Tho Comrnis.sion guts tho money, nnd that was what the conflict was for. L3L" A splendied stand of colora was preecnted to the 2Jth Michigan [nfantry on Wednesday, at Dotroit. The pregontation Bf)eech was made by Judge Caupbïli,, arwl a poern was read by D. Bethune Duffíeld. The flaowas received by Col Mohrow who assured the donors that tho 24th wouJd stand by it. t&T Capt. A. W. CiiAPMAN, aid to Gen. Franklin, and a gradúate oí the Jniversity of Michigan, had both hie eet shot off at the rocont battlo of Sa)ine Cross Roads in western liOuisiana. LX" Since o-ur last, Gold has rangcd n Wall Street all along from 72 to 85, ná closed Wednesday night quiet at 9 3-4. Goverument securities are quoe nmewbt lower. E_ The Great New York Sanitary Pair ciime to an end on Saturday evening last, and the goodd remaining on hand wero anooiiuced to ba bo1J at auotioo during this week. The total reooipts to Saturday evouing wero : Balo, dnnationa, visiturs, to., il BH9 31.1 -19 Tt m the word content, ' 44y.;3.00 T"tal 1 084,278 4'J The World snys the Fair was a jtcreat succes, but expresses the opinión that it wül be a long time befora the OommiamoH wil! resort (o anolher "show," tbut it costs more bard Work to gct money by Fiis tban in any otherway, and that hereaftcr the regular nflow of gifis frota a libera] people wil! be relied apon. E Mr, Gen. MoClei.lan haring been aesigned by the maiagers oí the New York Sanitary Pair a place of la hor in the Arms and Trophiea Depnrtmont, and that lady having punctually and faillifiilly diacliarged the duties asi=igriedher,the N. Y. Tribune makes her presence at her post of duty, whioh chanced to be near the stand at whieh votes for tho svvord were secured and riïgistered, the basis of a base insinúatioD that hor "presenoe" and the 'raagnetism oí personal attention" were exerted to get votes íor her gallant and popular husband. An editor who will ao prostitute bis columns, is unwortby of even being citsd to answer for a oontempt of court, and Judge Barnaed had bet ter let Rnract Grechy alone. E3F Zack. Chandler said in a debate ín the Senate, on Wednesday, that "he, for one, was not afflieted with the 'constitulion on the brain.'" Guess Zack tol'i the truth, and that he represents too many of hig party For years they have taken the oonstuutiosa] oath with a mental reservation, and long since open ly abandoned all allegianoe to it. With such rebelt to ruake the laws there is no hope for the country. L3L" The governrnent relies upon the salo of the 10-40 Bonds to pay current expenses, and tha tales - so Chandler states in the Senute - are not averaging half euough to meet the daily demand. J3T The reported oapture of Plymouth. N. C , with Gen. Wessels and its garrison is coufirrned. ui - in JG5T '-The Supervisors of this county should examine a law passed at the regular session of the Legislatura for 1863, requiring thern to make a return of the doga owned in their several Toivns or Wards. Such roll should be completed, and a copy made aud returned to the County Treasurer by the 15th of May. The tax on dogs is SI each, of which the Towu Treasurers get 10 per cent for collecting. The proceeds go into the school fund. GP The Speciul Sidewalk Committee has commenced serving noticeson ourcitizens whose side-walks are out of repair to rebuild and repair the same, ffo hope that they will not stop witfa serving notices, but that they will ee that the ordinance is enforced, and that pvomptly. Many of the side-walks are in such a state as to endayger limbs and disgrace the city. L3T Laat week we quoted Wool at 70 cents the Free Press copied our item and made it 76; the Tribunt- we don't exchange with it- stola it froir. the Free Press, error and all ; and the readei s of both Free Pnss and Tribune have been bringing in their Wool and raising a row because they couldn't get the 70. Let them tabe and read the Abgus and sai-e tbemselves all the trouble.


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