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If H were iiec.tss.iry to provo Ihat the State of Michigan is eminuntly patriot ie, tht figures cottld be very readily forthcoming ; io iaet, to foreetafl the neeessity of oalling fnr them, we gve tliein in fnll below. Michigan has furnisbed in excesa üf her quota under ever cali thtis far, and there ia reason to believe she wil] continue to do so as lqag as her population holds out. The tables given below, for which we are iudebted to Col. Hill, Provost Marshal General of the State, show, first, the quota of the State undor each separate cali since the breaking out of the rebellion; and, secona, the number of men furuisned under ihe sevcral calis tip to the löth oí the present raonth : NO. OF JIE.V CALLED FOB Quota under cali of 1861 „, -.. Qucita undfrcall (if 18112, for 500 010 Tl'noá Quota under cali for 300,000 9 month's'mcn'"' ' 11 ,ö80 rctucec to 3 vear standard. o ooi Qnütauuflorcftll of Ftb lat 18B4, for' iófl'i'óö'. '.[ 19653 Quota under cali of March 14th, for -CO 000 ' t'rot Surplus I5th April, 16E4 '....'.'.Y. 2387 65,725 NO. OF MKN' nnurlSHID. Vulunteers raised under cali of IHfil ... 04 26 .. r úo. , , , d0 , 'O2.y00,O0Ömen 16,092 M(-n furnished by draft 548 Volunteers musteri'd froÏB May 26 to De'c Ü"63 5',:iO2 do . do Jan. 1 to March 1 , 'O-l g!l70 v.iluntoera rai.wd from Harch 1 to SI 1S64 1 vil Ro-enlisted Veterans to April 18,1884,...,,,. 4'l76 6fi,7-'5 Surplus April 15,184 ,... 2 387 Number of Volunteers enHated and mustercd in tl,e State from lst to 15tli April 408 Aggreiate surplus "1 5ili April , 7854 2 795 It wil' be seen by the above stateaient that the State is now creditod with a surplus under all calis of nearly three thousand. This is a record of which tho peoplo of the State may well be proud. It will afford, perhaps n temporary reliuf to thope who are quaking with faar of a draft.- Free Press.


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