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The Rothchilda ure to open a bank n Mexien on a capital of 60,000,000. A w.-ig seeing a lady at a party with a very luw necked dress and biire anus, exprepsud his adiniratiun by saying .-he "out-stripped" the whole party. The Army and Navy Journal calenlates the annuitl inórense of males of the military aire in theloyal States it 100,000, itgiiiiKs! 25,000 in the rebel State. A very genera] pprehension is feit arr.oug tliourhtfiil men that the zeal to buy oottoo in the Southwest i snmetimes more than the zeal for military Buccess. The ladies of East Tennisee nre repreneiited as iniquestionahly loyal. They iinprove very opportunitv to "kisc the dear oíd ilaíí," and now and then kiss its goed looking defonders. Yalo CoHego bus received or has boen prornised half a million dollars within a few month, and Gov. Buckinhura has recently swolled the fund bj a gilt of $-25,000. Governor Seyrnour has tendered to the War Department the use of the militia regimenté lor the defence of the forts around New York and elsewhere on the frontiers.


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