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ABE COMING! DLPREZ & GBEËS MINISTRELS ! AT IIAIVGSTERFER'S HALL ! os Tuesday Evening, May lOth, 1864. Door opi'Q at 7, Concert comraence at 8 o'clock. Admission 50 cents, Children 25 cents. ICE CREA M And the Füüosophy of its Manuiaoture. A mail tretthe, w!th valuahle recipe on thi, „ v E. KSTCHAM fi CO 4"951 "8 1'karl 8TRUT, New Yüï. isTotTce7 Tho.-o will bc a r.iectirg of the Executie Cnmmitu. of th Wathtouaw Agrie. illural and H.)rticullur?l tflcit-ty. at Aun Arbor. on the first Tuenday of Mr i o'clock.l'. M. A i requested An„Arb(,r,,r,,,21:;tviDM-FiXLEv'se"etLñRD! LARDÜ i LAKGF. quantity and an excellent artille for i!, SLAWSON & PON Aun Arbor, April 23, 1-C4. JbJjJ Fcr Ra,i, Mier, Roacket, Antt, Bed Bugs, Mot hi n Fu7s, Woolen, i,-c, hsecls on Plañís, Fowls, Animáis, Le. Put up in 25c. 60c. aml $1.00 Boxe, Bottlë, DJ FiaBks. Í3 auit $5 mzea for Hutiu l'l'BUC I.iSTuij Tloss, &c. "Only infallible remedies known." 'Kree lrom l'oifions." "Not dangfious ti) the Human Familj." "Kats come out of their holes to dio " A5 Sold Wholesale in all large cities. O_ Sold by all Drupgists and R(tailer6 everywhert DBf III Bkware III of "all warthlens imitationi. t3 iee that "Costak's" name is on cach Box, Bottle. and Flatk, before you buy. Address HEN RY R. COSTAR. ftS Principal Dkpot 482 Bhoadwat , Nktt York. Sold by all Wholesale and Ketail Cruggittlig Ann Arbor, Miclng;in. 6m954. :fo:r, sale. AN ELEGANT NEW l'IANO, with choice o( lis first claa and popular makers. A bargain giren, luquire at the ARGUS OFK1CE. The New Gymnastics. MI3S FOSTER will organize a new claas in the Light Gj-mnastica, at RngprsT Hall, on iaturday after. uoon, April 2öd. Terms made knowa ou application. Ann Arbor, April COth, 1864. 3w953 DWELLING FOR SALeT pON'VENIKNT TO BUSINESS, and -groundn w,l y stocked witliclioice Fruit Trees. For term ie apply at thia ofüce. or to ' A. J. SUTHERLAND. FRUIT TUBES. 'T DC7SOI3 hM openM the largest and finent assoríI ment of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, erer brought to thin city, o)poste the N'orthwest corner of the ï'ublic stjuare i"armers ard others will do well to cali early ini make their selectiüiis. T. DUBOIS. Ann Arbor, Vpril 20, 183. 953tf THE LATEST AliBIVAL -OFM SPRING GOUDS -AT 0-0-0 I am now receiving a large STOCK of DRESS GOODS SHAWLS, SPRING CLOAKS Black & Faney Silks, White Goods & Laces, GL 0 VES Sf EOSIEIIIES, BALMORAUskÏkts Prints, Mieetings, Dciiims, Tïckings, and CHOICE FAMILY GROCERIES Which cash and jreadypav buyersare particultrl inriled tn ca.ll anti examine, as I inten i to cloe ou the (ituck in tue ntixt 9J days to make a change in m, business. J. II. MAYNARD. April 1864. 3m953 BA.N1STER II AT STOREI o ■ GO T O SiP Tiïi'Wi Hu'! Befor jou buy , Spriutj and Summer stylei oí STRAW GOODS! GENTS' Furnishing Goeds, &c. nn Arbor, April 20th, 1864. 3m953. Family Dye Colors. ÍJ10R Pyeing Silk, Woolen and Mixed GoorÏB, Shnwls, Scarfs, Dresses, Ribbons, (ïloves, Boanets, Hnt, -ealheis, KM Gloves, ChiMren's Clothing, and M cinds of Wearing Appnril ÍE9-A SAVliO OP 8O PEÏt CEM-p For 5 cents you cas color sfi majiy goods as wnuld ) cost five timts tbat sum. Varïons fihadefl ;an be produced f om the same Dye. THe pres 8 limpie, aud &oy oue can use the Dye with perfect &uc jess. Directionp in English, French and Germán, nsid of ach package. For furilicr n forma t ion in Dyeing, and eTÍng a per'eet knowledge what colors are best adapted to dj ►ver otliers. (with many v'aluable recipes,) purchase lowe t ytephens' Trcatise on Dyeintj and ColoriDg- lent ly mailon receipt uf price - 10 centa. Manul'actured by HOWE & STEVEXP, '60 Broadwaj , EüSÏob


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