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How To Choose A Cow

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Tiiere is nlways snnio risk in buying ■a cow, of vvhose prcvious character ana htstorj we know nothitijf , for thero ure lio infalliblo iigns of excellence. A rough, scrawny, coarse, ill-sliapen cow is cften a noble uiilker. Yet tliere aro a few points generally ugreed upon by experienced farmers, wliich it is well to consider before pmchasing. A srnall boned head and liglit horns are better than largo. Long legs make too wide i gap betwixt udder and milk pail, ace loog-leggcd cows are seldom quiet feed ers, but wander about too inuch. A sleuder rather than a thick neob, a straight back, wide ribs and broad htUk et, are to bo BOUght for. The body o the cow sliould be large in proportion to bead, neck. and legs, though not exöissivcly large; aud tlio hiud quiirter.s if large out proportion indioato g od mUkiog qualities. Medium sizcd eo ts, all lliiug considored, provo the best .:; i i k ers for the aniount of feed they c msume The color of the hair has pro I I) uoth ÏDg to do with the milking (iialities, nnd go'od looks should be regir I but little in purchasini dairy anim ils As t tho color of the skin, a brigh' , ;! prouching tht of gold ooi . pi oolor witbin the ears- tbis an roo milk are very apl to go togét withal a soft flexible liide, loóse o r tl . ribs and runap ia bIso to be sought. Tho udder should be large, soft, and full of veins, which ram'tfy over it, ■with fa!lsized milk veioa stretching for ward along the belly, and the eats be large and out crowded together. Test, the cow's dis positiüii and inqaira about it. írrita and uervom cows are unplea-ant to háü 1 le, and almOBt alwaya scanty milkers. - Bomething can be aseettained from t'.v looks and motioü. Large, mild eyes, easy quiet motions when driven, and geitleness wheo handled, indioste good nature What the butobers lerin "good huijdling " is au important quailty in a rnilell cow, for it indicstea not onlv good iiiilkiüg proprtieR, but easy fatteging, when serviee í i thu dairy is over. fo Ipdtipu jvgu&


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