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There art; 600,000 aeres of tiui'our land in Main e. Duels with sworda have been frequent in Paria receotly. The present viiluaüon of the corporatiou propertv ín New Orleans ia $12,960,000. At the Irish dog show in Dublin Bome priza dogs were valuefl at b'lty thousand dollars. Robert Bonner's gift of a trotting mare to the New York Sanitary Fair, netted $1,800 cash. One thousand recruits for tho Federal ariny are repi.rted on their way f rom Germany to tl)Í9 country. The bank of England has Ëfiv-en n boniiH of ten per eent to uil its clerks on account of ihe remunerativa buisness. The Emperor of Austria bas allowed the formatkm ut a corp oí '6,000 vounteers, and 300 f'or the Errpire of Mexico. In ono Rhode ïsland regiment are fourteen brothrfl nained Postlv. Four of them are tvvinw. Tlieir average height is sis feet tvvo inches. Commodore Wilkos'coun.eel have eommenced an argument in his defense. The record of he íestimony in tbe cae makes one thousand pages. In Rhode Island, oil has been sulmtituted for coal in one of the largost manuiacturing establishment, and al less than half the coat oí coal. The N. O. Picayunesayn the ehief deBÏre of the negroes there is unlimited li cense to do as they please, to avoid work ad sell liquor to the soldiers.


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