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The Old Folks' Room

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The oíd man sat by t. lie chimney side - Hit face was w inkled and wan ; And lie leaned both liando 011 his stout oak As if all his work was done. [cañe, His coat was good old-fashioned gray, Tlje pockets were deep and wide ; Wtere his 'specs" and his steel tobaccu box Lie snugly side by side. The oíd man liked to stir the fire, So near liim the tongs were kept; Sometimos lie inused as lie gazedat the coals, Sometinies he sat and slept. What saw he in the embers there t Ah ! pictures of other years; And now and then they wakened smiles, But often'd started tears. His good oíd wife sat on the other side, ín a high-baeked flag-seat cha'r ; I see 'neath the pile of her rnuslin cap The sheen of her silvery hair. There was a happy look on her aged face, As slie busily knils for him ; And Nellie takes up the stitches dropped; For grandmother's eyes are dim. Their children come and read the news, To pass the time each day ; How il stirs the blood in the old man's heart To hear of the world away. They taught our youthful feet to climb Upward life's rugged steep ; Then lotus genlly lead Ihem down To wliere the weary slee[).


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