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A Beautiful Simile

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Two Hule binis had a nest in the bushes in the b;u-k part of the garden. - Julia foutid I he nest It latid oine ïpthkitd epcB in in - oue, two, three, f.iur. JSut she dnl not troublo the nest, nor distrt-ss the dear linie birds. On day, aiiershe bad boen away S"inu tme, down sbe ran iil iw .ni'don to lake a pcpp al tbe Cour littlo spickled eiis. - Instoad of tho beautiful eggs, 'liere were only IrÖfcÜB] empty shells "Oh," ilnrWW", iifik np ' out the picoe?, "the bt-autifül eug are M spoiled and br kei, ! " ■' No, Julia," rephod h r brnflier, "ll.oyari' iü spnücd ; tRö best part of llicni bas taken wirígá and fluvvv. away." So il h wbon :,' Stiftd dios; ita little houI has takou wifigH and fl'wn nwuy; while its slioll- tin: budy left behind,- is inly cinpty. ■ ht of tl.i) sw et test words in the E glish lancuage bein with H: Heaü, H'ipe, H ■■me, Hap, iness and Hpaven llt-artisa hope p'aeennd hnme a hope place : iiud tha toaiï stdly mitakoth who would i xha-jro the happivv& 8ï ïün i? fi-öytjbiO({ V-ut biaveü.


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