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Economy Is Wealth

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Thero is iiotliing whioh gnes so far towards plaoing voung people b-yot)d the i reach of poverty as proper economy in the management of houschnld affairs. It mattors not uhether a man furnishos lit j tle or much for lus fumily, if there is u continucd loakat(e in hi kitclion or parlor; it runs awav, he knows nof !iow, and that demon Waste cries "More!" like the horseleech's daugh'er. until lic that provided bas no more to give. It I is Uie liusband's dut-y to bring into the house; and it is the duty of the wife to i ' toe that none gos wronafully out of it. A mnn gets a wife to look after liis aiïairs, and to assist him in liis jnurney (hroiigh I ltfe; to edúcate and proparo the ir ! ren for a proper station in lif'e, and not todissipate his property. The husband's ip.terest sh uld bo tho wifu's onre, and her grea'est ambition to carry hor lm further tban his welfare or b'nppiuess, U gcther witli that of hor children. 'l'liis sliould be her sole :iim, aiul the rtsltw of her exploits in the bosom nf lier fa mi j lv, where sho niay do as much tr.ward making a fortune as he can in I he couni Dg-romn or work-shop It is nol tho mouey earned that niukcsa man weuhliy, it, is what he saves from his earninirs. - Self gratifica! iou in dress, or i'ndSIgenoé i] appetite, or more company thnn his purse can aacertain, are equülly pcrnioious.


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