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Lincoln On Blair

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Washington, May 2. Aceompanying tho Presidentas mess age to-diiy was the follouing : Hon. Mu. Blaiu - My Dear Sir : - Soma days ago I imdiT.-tood J')1' to av thut your brother, Gen. Frank líiair, desires to be gnided by my wishes as to whether he will occupy his seat i Congress or reinain in the fuld. My wish thei is compoundud of' hat I he■üeve will lio best for the country. It is that lie will come hore, put his military coinmission in my hands, take liis seal, go into cuuciiH wi'h our 'riemls, abicle the nominuti iop, help elact llio notiii nees imd tiius aid t organizo a House of Represuníutives which will support the Ooveniinent in 1 Vio w;ir. II the re,sult shall hu the eU'ction of' himself' us Bpeaknr, k-t hiin se:v in that pogilioR, if not, let hun Fetsks his uonmwsHJn arid rüümi tn tiio ai'iuv fnpttiu c.umtrv. Thií will lual a áaitfgeroit nobÍHni for hia - wil) r -liovi' hini li om ;i dníigenm I portillón in )i inÍ6uiidt'r-índinjf, as I thirtk is ti dan(9t' "f bt'ina perm;iiiiïnilv ei '■! ■■'■■i IV. .ui 'fnisowith whom only he can eve bawe a svinpathv, ili'SMi:-f' ': r ' r '. ■ 1 1 1 S f slaVt'l'y. Lt will bo :i mtbtuktóil bt -IüiII allow the provoc i i - .i'i'i.-. lu ii by insimu-Te time so ver to drive lip frnm ihchcuise of hift liï .i ■ ldífljí lic i '.HIIir y t, he h:it abuiüi .i' ' .Icn'.s, qnitt! enoiiuh tiocu,y ill wiilmiit dtVotinK anv temp t. Hr is tímuíí in militaiy hkiil ami usfiulucsH His reeént appo;iitinfiit to iiie command of a corps ty MM fc ;ompcí('iit to jidiíe as Gen. Sbeniiiin, pov Uii-i. In that lini; ho cun servu bml) ihc, countiv and hiinselt more pri'ritalilv than lu fould ps a meinher ot Cmg e-s Hpem i lu; fl .or. Tli ionig Mrig is whai I vvould say if Fiauk lilni" urtH'e ii'.y brotlier lustend of youis . (aigneii.) A LIVCOLN. Tho Mirnir ay that the wheat '(;), wli it ih,Te is Icft of it on the grouiui. kki-iiis to he doing well. - Great coinplaint ii made among l'arinur.s f'or tbt) want of help. Den eral Suoit, who has beon quite fuebli'j ;ios boltoi' and iw bugily at work on ííví "Lil and Titne,'' which he expectH to have ruatjy for the prees in a few weeks lt will tnakü an octavo of 900 pages. The govermnent cavalry depot nt St. LouitJ b au immense establishment. Bjflce October laKt 17,549 horseí have been purchased, at S1B0 each, uiaking an outlay of over $2,200,000, und the ïtai'if lor ihe tiimaU Mabtr crer 7,000


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