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From The Third Michigan Cavalry

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Headquabteus 'id Eegt. Míen., Cv., } St. Louis, Mo.,' April 26il, 1864 Fkibnp Akgcs : - I vvrite you i brief letter to inform yon ofiur wliertmbeutai and condiiion. The regiment is ncnv quartered in different parta of tho city, doing Provost duty ; a kind of Holdiering that does not snit tho veterans very well vvhen tbere ia so RMich to be dono in the front. And as tho spring catnpnign is now about to commenee, vre.are waitng eagerly for order lo start Sout!:. Tlie hualih oí tho regiment ís good, and the boys aro in exeettéot spirits. It has been and still continúes to bo rainy and dismai weatLitr. We are al! in hope that tliis war will close ere oiu; ; but we are vfilling U 6gftt till not an arincd rebel remainR to df.-pnte the autliciitv of oür glorious Govurnment, News is scarcö in thi department. Guerrilluti oocasionally ahow the.Tnseives in soine of the western oountiea oí the State, but are alinost as speedily driven out. The jrreat Míssifsíppi Valli-y Sanitury Fair (iptuis on ttm 17th of May. and promist'S to bo a grand affair. All public houses will be thrown open on that day, and business suspended the throughout city. Major General Kosecrans is the President. We will muster on the 3Oth of this inonth, and get our pay soon after, at least we hope so, as greenbacks are "etting raytlxr soarce We are armed with the old Hurpei 's Ferry musket, but are expecting tho celebrated Spen eer rifle, one of the most efficiënt arm used ii. the service. We get along finely. Riid have oothing t" complain of in particular, except that we havo a great (ieal of duty to do. Your excellent paper finds its way to our camp. and is received with welcomc by BS, Wuh every vvish for your suecas, I remarh, Yours, B. R. 0. t5F Awhile ngo the radicáis were pnuring abuse upon the hoad of Gov. Skymour, of New York, for attempting tci get the quota assigned the Stilte reduced, charging hirn with delaying the dráít, and n thusnnd-and-one other naughty things. But, before the recent adjournmeot of the Legishiture,it unaninioushj thanked Gov. Seymour for doing what he was so loudly condemned. Time vvill vindícate Gov. S. in other lespects. t1 We give place in our columns this week, to the law enacted at the recent extra peseion of the Legislature enabüng soldiers, in service of the United States and absent from their homes! to vote. It ia an important law, and our fiiends should give it a careiul reading, and then preserve it lo? future reference.l LS" "e bce m a llto number of the Washington Chronicle - ForneyV paper, and the administration r.rgnn - one of the same rebel ponga which we publi.-ihed soine time sirice, and which threw our "sister" of the Stafe News and her correspondent, info " connipptions." The Chronicle should be attended to. Ï5F The Jncl8n Citizen saya thal the Soutbern Railroad Company is going to weed out the poor mouey, and " receive notfring but greenbacka and other straight f,:nds." What does the Cilizen cali "straight fandsT' Does it include the neiv nationa! banks, and nothing more ? Í3t Gen. Sigkj,, whose hoadquarters are at Murtinsburg, Va,, reporta that there are no signs uf rebels in the Shenandoah valley,


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