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Boston Wool Market

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i he market continúes very firm with a healthy eonsumptive dtíinaiid, stimulatod by tn incieased acti-vit v ín gooda, the prospect that foreign are to be largely repléoed by domratie mainifacInrew, anti that under tbo pending revised tiiriff a moro general reliance innsl. bu placed opon staple f nstive growth. indeed, thene inflaences havo so far predominated, that notwithstandnar the panie n stocks, tho Hiictuat'mn n gold, and a somowhat stringent tnoney iiütrkct, there b buen no let-up in the iuquiry ffvr wool, and prieea havc Jiiined som 3 a 5c por Ib during the jast week. Tliougli most of the largo manufac tui ing corporations bare ulready sup[lied ttiemfulvps libor'dly and considerably in advsnce oí their immediate wants, and sm:il er ones have not lien back'wi.ri in fullowin the exairipu-, the coi.lidenee of buvers is sucli that t i i e y still continue to opérate with a view to futuro nxigencieg, md will proDaliiy follovv up this policy lili they fee their vvay einar through 10 the new clip. - The next year's supply of domestic will proba bly be very l'.irge, owing to tho increased uttention given io ttbesp hnsliandrv, inuvh exceeding that of 1863, except the Calílínnia or.op, wbicb is likelv to be seriously ïffeeted by the prevailing drougbt. And should the present high rates continue current through May, farmers will be eüger to avail thfinselves of the chance to realize, and it is likely the chpping peason jiay be anlieipated by sonie weekn. NotwitliHtanding the hand-toiiiouth policy puisued by consumers during the tirsi three monlhs of the year, the late heavy sales of wool have reduced the stocks hete in the Eastern markets uiuch lower than they have been at a corresponding poriod for several years past. Somt) of our lurge commission houses have cleared their stock almost entirely out, and others are holding their bal anees - tspecially of fine, fuli blooded staple, whtch is now very scarce both in city and country - with a very firm grip for a further advanee. This they are prelty sure to get, a the demand for lliis description 'm apparently without abatement, while low and medium grades are now in itnproved requisition for the fabrication of heavy goods for the fall trnde. Pulled wools for the flannel manulaoturo are aiso in active de mand, with large pales during the past week in advance of 3 a 5c for the better grades. Bales of domestic for the week foot up eome 750,001) ft, at a range of 70a87c for fti-ece, 7890c for super and txtra pulled. At the close, bowev er, there aro no lots of strictly choice Saxony fieece offeriug at less than 90c. Included are lots of Illinois and Verinont rleece at 70a75c; Iowa and Wisconsin do, 75a78c ; N. Y. do, 75a8üc ; metí, do, 80a83c ; Penn. do, 82a87c ; Western and Eastern super pulled, at 7885e; 30,000 . Merino do, 80a8lc; aud large lots of extra do, at 82a90c. - In California, sales of 18,000 fea fall clip at 40c. In Canada, small Iota of pu'led at 70a73c, and 5,000 ibs combing at 80c. In f'oreign, sales 800 bales all descriptions, including 300 do Cape, at 45a47c, and 150 do Mestiza, at 38 42c. - Commercial Bulletin, April ZO.


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