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The artpy appropriation bill nppropriates $2,715,000 for medicines, inetruïuents and dreesingfl. Washington specials gay there is no truth iti the vuuior that Banks is to be relieved. Preparations are cnmpleted at Washington fnr the accommodation of tv, enty thousand iioK imcl wnunded men. A drafl to fill p the defieiencies still existing in the following Sta-'es has been orrlered : MássachuMtts, New Jersey, Ohio, Maine, Kentucky and Marylaud. A speuial to the Post, Washington 4th, says : The rebels are coiieeiiiraling in ui]incii6e numbcr of troops in Virginia but bur military leaders profess to be pertectly i-atl-fid witli tho situation. The New York Independent roys that n ninifti estímate froin tabular staMstics niakes the average rugeo of the 30,000 working wonien oi New York lesa tlian fifiy cents a da y. The army consumes so many onions that Wethernfiald w looking np. Whereasonion cétrd in that livelv üonneclicut villagesold before the war at forty-two ceniri a fouud, it novv communds three dollar.-. James Holhrook, tlie well known t' agent of the Postoffice Department, and anihur of ''Ten years (Wnong the Mail Bags," died a few days since, at his residencie in Brooklyn, Coan., after u long illuesa. Facts in possession of the Congressioniil Conaui'.tee of Investii;ation iuto the aflfairs of the Nevv York Custom House, show an enormous trade still carried on betweeo that city and rebeldom Mr. Forney writea from Washington to his Philadelphia paper : " A lew nionths íigo I thuurht we were near the end ol the rebellion; at present I don't think we have reached the middle of it." The ncw anti-Lincoln and pm-Chase paper at Washington thinks the reason why gold oes up is the persistent efforts made to re elect Mr. L'ncr)li. - What does Mr. Chnse thinfe of that?- asks the Springfield Repuhlican. Gen?. Frankün and Slone, who lie uuder the unputution of having througii neglect and carelessness coniributed greatly to tho disasters in LouittiuQS, will be relieved and probably courtmartialed. Tho American Bosrd of commissioners of Foreign Missions, acknowledges the rect-ipt of one hundred doilaivs from James Stokes, Esq , to constitnte General and Mrs Qewrgti B. McClellan honorury members of the Board. It has been thought that people are degenerating bficause thev don't live as long as in the duys of Methuseleh Bnt the fact is provisions aro so high that nobody cnn afiord to live verj long at the present lates. The American war is revolutionizing even the localities ol a.icient Rome. Poinpeii w to-day surroiinded on every ide by a large cotton field, and fiim - lar plant atiuns occupv the neigtlborhood as far as Caste'lware and Salernu A special to the Times, Washington Mav list, ay: Dispatches were receiver to-day hv thu governntent from Forlress Mtmrné, stating that the rear jf Beanregard'w anny pa-sed through Peters burg yesterdiiv. and his force is cstimatcl'ut 18 to'20 00'J. The Ohieago Journal says the r:ol umnw nnder (üfii Sherman are on the eve of a great fnrward movement, nnd before onr issue uf Monday next, unles.s nnl'oreseen circumstance- intervene, the Union host will be on the march frou Chattunooga, Huuttiville, etc, south ward.


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