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Democratic State Convention

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A Democratie SUita Convenlfon wiil be held at the City Hall, inretrnit, &t elfereft o'cföcÜ in the foreooon of Wednerl;iy. the fiftoenth f'ny of J me next, for the of apptnntlBH nistepn dtdetfH'ftt tn %h% Democratie Xalionai Ton .entiou, to b leli Fit Chicago, on the fourth tlay of Julj nextfiUid fot tae purpure of tranaotiug sucb other burineas as may cumo hef ore the ('i.meiition. Kach oountjr comprísin ftn'e or more reprenentattTe ilisiri,ts will be entitletl ti times sh many deleiates is tliece are r-presfntaties in tlie lnwor house of tlie State Lei.sltttuiv f rom neb couuty ; and each countv w-llieh may not be ejïtitld to oae representativa [q tltfl hwor house of the Legisluture will bo entitïod toone delégate m tho State Conveutiou. Ry roflolutioni of fermer State Conventmn, no oe catwlll Ueontitïitd to a aaai iq the ('unventinn wbo itoa not resi'lo ia t!ie county he purport té represe nt, excc[t with ii-fetTiioi to the counties oí the Upper . Dfttd, Detroit, April la, IHd-i. LKVI tliSBQr, Chaïrman. H. X. WAI.KTR, w v. RICHMOND -lt-IHi; H CLARK, AflAM I, lï"OK N. V. W.U.CU AT !IV WALK3, H, A.T.YBKOOK, H. n H U;IííN, O. M BARNS, VVM m ][j,[.;r L. D. N'ORRLS, .10 -E"H C ■CLT1-H nnioratic Stai Centrni rommitep


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