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General Shep'ev, Inte n Louisana, ís novv Govbitmr oí Norfolk. Lor" und dincretiin are sworn foes; tlw foriner is nuariy alvvays the conqpeior. Tíkí PïiiWttlphïa Historioal Society havo lio-injht ih-e oíd Wílliam Psnn house for 830,000. The man lio planta a tree littio knowH what he is oinifi-rring nn posterity - especiully ií it is a birch tree. The oil wells of Pensylvania have prodncod 554,000 barrels oi petroleum sincu Fobruarv, 1862. The total number of denthg among the rebel prisoners on Rock Islanri, sinee they removed there, have been l,069. In Ohio tiiere aro 14,233 common ' schools, 1G7 colrred schools, and over 21,000 teachers, of' whom 12,580 are wornuD. The use of hasheh has just been officially condernned in Turkey, and the sale, under the severest penalties, is prohibited. The Cavulry Bureau hns been placed under the irninediato control of Major Gen. Halleck by au order froia the War Department. The French vessels which went to City Pi)int reeen tl y to bricg avvay tobaceo f rom Ilichmond, have all rtirned light to Hamptou Eoads. Víctor Emanuel haa imported for hunting purposee, twenty stags from California, at cost of .not lesa h&fi tlree thounand franes eaA. The editor of the Richmond Dupatck, the iKOGt ferocious of the rebel papers, is aaid to be Oliver P. Baldvvin, forraerly u resident oi Cleveland. It is reportei! itiart ihe Arcluáu'ke Maximilian k fifopoaed to have a Spanish Prince tramed hia heir presumptive, in case he should die without children. It is extrardinar.v iiow many-defects we can diicern in aïriene! uftor we'have qnarreled with him. The same re ♦mark a[iplies to u woman aifter she hao rejected us. Adrniral Lee has transmitted to the N;ivv üepartnitíiit a dotailed uffioinl t-eport ot ton recent deslriujlion of au es tensiva rebe] alt inanufactory upon tho North Carolina oóaet.


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