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FURNITURE ROOMS Oac door North of Kïsdoo and lienderiwn's Hardware Sttrg, miie undertfgned liaving purchasod the entire stock JL of ff, I). Snnil) & Co., and added largfety tó theaamf;, i.s prcpiirt'il to furnisli his iViends anti patrón a good usHortmwit ui we 11 i:iade furniture, coogistiRg of ÜOFAS, BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, BOOK-CASES ! TABLES and CHAIRS, úf al! kin!, and in fact ot cverjtjjing pertaining to üu liu-iuet-rf. L O U JV G E8. MATRAS8ES, &C-, i:r tö nHer by good and oxponpnced workmen, and warr&ia et) i . gy# stttfs&otioa. He a Is o kftops u goiJ ttflsuitiuent of Cberry apd Walput Luraber for na Ie at réáonáble p'ifcèg. And will also pay the lii-lut iijiu-lict i lor Cheriy. Walflut, and White Wood Lumber. P. y. IIo bas also purclmfied tbc new and ELEGANT HEARSE! of imith & Co., and ís preparad to furnish all Ëinds of Wo'd Coffiifs, Mëtalie Cases, Aisrr) caskets, On the hhortest nolicp. Aluo attends to laying out 'deceas ñ persons day and níght, without charge. All furniture delivercd ia ím 'Áty free ol charge. W. U. BENHAM. Ana Arbor, January 18lb, 18C3. 94Otf GSEAï.GREATER GREATEST B,IiG.llKS EVER OFFERED i 859. Q1859 Id tliia City, are now beingoifered at the OIIEAP.CLOCK.WATCH, & Jewölry StoxO'"JIIJKSubscribor wouldsHy to thecitizensol Ann Ar1 bor,i partic.ilar, and the reet pi Wmhienaw f'.mntv inuenernl. ttial hehnsjust ÏMPORTED I iRKCTLY from KUHOPE.a Tretnendous Stock of Watehes! All ofwtaichhR bindshimsolfto spil rHKAPEBthan canbeboughtwestof New York City, I have alsu tnc CELEBRAÏE1) AMER'CAlV WAT CUES, wbk-hlwlll aen ter $35. Rvery Watch warranted to uertorm ivoll.orthe monoy -etunded. Clocka, Jewelry, Pinted Ware, Fancy Goode. fiold Pen, Mii3cR]Inetrumentí an! .Stringa, Cutlery, &c, ind infactavariety of every'hini; uaually kepl ïyJewelere can bR houghtforhe oext ninety days at vuur O W N i'RICES! Persons buyine' anything nt this wel' known eBtRbisbme til can Tf}y upon getting goods exact' y as rep■esentPd, orthorimnpy refunded. CfiUrarly and secure the bost barcains ever ott'ered in thi City. One word in renard to Ropairinjj; : vVo nrf! prepared tomnke any repairs onfine or comnon Watehee, e.vot to m-ikincc er the entfre watcb, f neceisnry. RfpHirtnjr of Olocks and Jewelry as isual. Aleo the marfiíractarine of RINGBROOCFIP, ïr auythinc desired, trom California Gold nnshortnoice. Gnairavips. in allits branehesexeented witbneat íessanddispatch. J C. WATTS. RISDON&HENDERSO.N 13 TT O TS. Eï "ST DE3 CRAIN DR6LL, and Grass Seed Sower, Manufactured at Springfiekl, Ühio. ■pHE VEKY LATEST IWrROTEMF.NT, aul better thai. l all others; adawd to howing WÍieat, Rye, Uats, Rarley and GratiK Sefl . íst. It has a Rotary Feeder. 2d. Will sow all kinds of Grain and Graas Seed. 3d. Never Lunches the Grain íth. N ever hrealcs the Giain. bth. Sows Grass Seed broadcast behindfhe Drill. Oth. Has high wheeh and long Hoes. Íth. lias long and wide steel points. Sti. lt has a land measure or Surveyor. 9t. It has doublé and single rank dn'lls. lOth. lt has a self adjusting shut off ulide. lt is neatly and suhstantially made. U'liere s hardly a Drill oftered in tbe marktt but can boast of more or less FIRST PREMIUMS'1 l'huy ure about ns indiscrimimitely betiived #. the tille of " Professor, " wliicli is so#](timen to the !ifiddlcr'' or 'J baoibiack' ïhuy ceasy to coavey thtideii of merit. Tbe Huukeye Drill lias been on Kxbibition at quite a number of State aod County raí ra, -ind without seeking favor at the hande of any Conjiaittee, has received lts full hare of Premiums TESTIMOKIALS : '(j ive the loll'jiving uanie.s of ;i few parmera in th' i'QÍaity wao havt' bougbt :ind uwt'tl tho Buckeyeltrill GödTiey Miller, Scitf. Jacob l'ülberflufc " Jacob Trom per, ' Thomas White, Northfieid. lírokiiw, ' Chi ií-tÍHii Ka pp, " i:hv::r] [{oy.lcn, Wfl)stor. James rrcadwell. Ann Arboj Daniel O'Hara, " ' John (. Cook, Lodi. O. A. Marshall, " L. I-Mmiur's, Snline. George Cropsey, Grasa Oaít, Liv. Co. ü'c ajr-2fel--io Agontn for Ui Ohio Reaper & M wer, icknowledged tr be the very beat in utie. We are just ín receípt oí 100 Grain Cradles Whicli we will sell Clieap. Also a lar-ge asaortmen-t o Grrass Soytlies. And the IurRL-st and best selected stock of BK3STT STXJJ F ORCAUi.M.(;i:Srv:'r fceforenfTeredin buinBiarket We also keep a largeand full ÏAH.&I.ASS, P(JT;Ty, PAINT.and LIJÍSLEJ) OIL. A compk'te aaaortment of SÏOVES, riNWARE, ,HKAEÏROU6 ISalway on hand and putup L the ■' hortest nottce. IU8DON UKXCERSON. JJÜST OPENING? The largest Stook and beat assortmeEt el ÚABINET FÜRNITUEE ? ever bronght to this city, ineluding SOFAS, TETE-A-TETES, LOUNGES, BEDROOM SETS CENTER TABLES, 1ÍUREAUS, CHAIRS, IjoolsLing Olasses Gilt Frames and Mouldings OOFFINS METALIC CASES, &c, &c, and all other goods kept in the best and Iaigest houses in the country. We Keep no secnni Ti;inl f urnituie 01 Aui:iiMi gjoods, Coilins kept constant on hanü, and made to order My gouds are offered at THE LOWEST CASH FRICES N. B I munt havo mcncy, nn3 respectful y peques! tiloso Eadebted,.to cali and fix up their oíd matterf without delav. O. M. MARTIN. Ann Albor, Oct. 6 1863. OJStf Tf] . Tiik pocnlinr taint or SiVW , infection which we cali ?3 Sckoflla lurks iii J? the constitutions of sS X HroKtkléii of men. It S1 ïfro'f í e't'10r produces or is 1 -ÍUa produced by an cnplap-'ta i'eelilcd, vitiated state ' i'fer jijSiat "'(' becomes inLpHllir í 5üíÍfeoorn''e'cnt t0 Busta'n spS-fR. iíP53tlie vita' 'on'es " tlieir feSM- jtËjsiÊjiiJirviiiorous action, and ;LCr-vPfI lcaves the system to -=J""r2S-;! :üVr'fi''l '!lt0 disorder and deeay. Tlie scrofulons contamination is-variously eaused by mercurial disease, low living, diíordered digestión from unhealthy food, impuro air, filth and filthy habits, the depressing vlees, and, ahove all, by the venercal infection. Whatever be its origin, it is hereditary in the. constitution, deseending " from parents to cliildren unto the third and fourth jrenératioti ; " indeed, it seems to be the rod of Him who says, " I wilt visit the iniquities of the fatbers upon their children." Tlie diseases wliicli it originates take vartuus names, nccorditig to the organs it attacks. In the lungs, Serofula produces tnbercles, and flnnlly Consumption ; in the glards, swellings which snppur;ite and beoomo ulceroiis sores ; in the Etomacli and iiowels, dcrangemeiits which produce indigestión, dyspepsia, and liver complaints on the skin, eruptivo and eutaneous affection. Tliese all Imving the same origin, ïequiie the same renicdy, viz. purification and invigoration of the blood. Purify the blood, and tiiesw dangcrous distempers leave you. With fcclile, f'olil, or cornipted blood, yon cannot liave health ; with that " life of the fiesh" healthy, you cannot have ecrofulous disease. Ayer's Sarsaparilla is compounded from the. most effectual antidotes that metí cal science has discovered for this afflifting distemper, and for the cure of the disorders it entails. That it is far superior to any other remedy vet devised. is known by all who have pi ven it a trial. That it does combine virtucs truly eiUraordinary iu their effect upon this class of coni])laints, is indisputably pioven by the great multitude of publicly known and reuiarkable cures it lias made of the following diseases : King'S Evil Or Glandular Swellings, Tumors, Eruptions. Pimples, Blotches and Sores, Erysipelas. Rose or St. Anthony's Fire, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Coughs from tubereulous deposiÍ3 in the Iungs, White Swellings, Debility, Dropsy, Neuralgia, Dyspepoia or Indigestión, Syphilis and Syphilitic Infections, Mercurial Diseases, Female Weaknesses, and, indeed, the whole series of com)laints that arise from mpurity of the blood. Minute reports of individual cases may be found in Ayer's American Almanac, which is furnished to the druggists for gratuitous distrilmtion, vrherein may be Iearned the directions for its use, and some of the rcmarkable cures wliiili it has made when a!l other remedies had failed to aflbrd relief. Tliose cases ai'e purpfiselv taken from all sections of the country, in order that every reader may have access to some one who can speak to bim of its benefits from personal experience. Serofula depresses the vital energies. and thua leaves its victims far more subject to disease and its fatal results than are healthy constitutions. Henee it tends to shorten, aiid does greatly sborten, the average duration of human life. The vast impórtame of these considerations bas led us to spend years in perfecting a remedy which is adequate to its cure. This we now offer to the public under the name of Aykh's Sarsapakilla, although it is composed of ingredients, some of which exceed tho best of Sars-iparilla in alterativo power. By its aid you may protect yourself from thesuffering and danger of these disorders, l'urge out the foul corruptions that rot and fester in the blood ; purge out the causes of disease, and vigorous health will follow. By its peculiar virtues this remedy stimulates the vital functions, and tlms exjels the disteaipers which luik v.-ithia tlio system or burst out on any part of it. W,e the public have been deceived by manv compounds of Sarsapariüa, that promised much and did nothing ; hut they will neithcr be deceived nor disappointed Ir this lts virtues huve been proven by abundant trial, and there remains no question of its surpassing excellence for the cure of the afflicting diseases it is intended to reach. Althougli under tho sara.e name, it is a verv dill'erent medicine from any other which has been before the people, and is far more eft'eetual than any other whicji hag ever been available to them. AYEB'S CHERRY PECTORAL, The World's Great Eemedy for Coughs, Colds, Incipient Consumption, and for the relief of Consumptive patients in advanced stages of the disease. This has been so long used and so universally known, that we need do no more than assure the public that its quality is kept up to the best it ever has been, and that it may be relied on to do all it has ever done. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Aykr & Co., Practical and Arwlgtical Ciemists, kowell, Mss. Sold by all druggists everywhere. STI.lilil.M (t WILbON, A ,n Arufcr, E. SAMSOV, Yp-ilanli, A EWI.VU, Dexter, WIIKKDÜN & HATCII, Uhelie. Wl,n!i-:il,.lv KASltAHÜSHELBY &Co., lic trnit. C. K. ('Ol'L'KN. ïraTi-llini Aïent. ik Farm íbr sale. - ( ) - SlTtTATEt) six mflêa VortTi of Ann Arbor. Said farro fólistrts óf T9È acresí On thf premfees gnod building, a line o.rebd and a JAving stream. Jt is known as tlte Hosccratis i'arin. Tt will be solij clieap. ,'ui'l teims ol paymönt Ooa!Te easy. Entiuire of L.c. rsnoN. Ann Arbor, Jan, 26, 1S6494Uf HOWAftD ASSOCIATION, I'HILADIXPJIIA,!. Dtsiascs oi Lhc Vcivons, Seminal, Irtnmy nd S-xtirti SjttiUM - new uní relíabtetreatmT.t-in R-ports ot tíw UOW'AIiD ASROCIATION- Son' by mail in -tnted letter envclopes, free n f charge. AiUrwss, Dr J. KILLIN IIOUUHTON, Howard Association, No. 2 South Xinth Street, Philn., Pa. 16yl Ayer's Gathartic PiHs. Estáte of Joshua Downer. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wa,hteñv . O Masessionofthe Probate Court for the Cm,'„!l " Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office MttÏÏS c Aan Arbor. on Mondsj, the eighteenth day of Y Í ' theyrar one tb.on.snnd eiht himdred and iity r„„P ' ' Present, Thomas Xinrie Judge of Probate In the matter of the Estáte of Josima o#B , f f'1,: ,..n reAi' ■" filing the petiHon, dul, ',f! fied, of Elkanah I'. Downer, prayinforthe rooit,? ui Instrument now on file in this court m.L. to be the last wil! and testament of naid lea.,i Thereupon it is Or.lered, that Sfondav, the „■,„ day of May next, at rat o'-rlock in thé alterara 1 assigned for the hearing of sairt petitïon. and that ÍW isees, legatees, an.l heirt at law of iaid deceased ,nJ1 other persons nterested in saidestate, are req'uirïd, appear ata aession of said Court, then to be hoM.! he Probate Office,!,, tl e City ot Aan „, (ounty, and show cause, if any theie he wb tí prayer oí the jetilioner should not be 'erinL An.l it is further ordered, that said petitiooer!1"' notice to the persons nterested h raid ,,. , of tho pfndency of said petition, and the w tbereof, by cauning a copj of thls Order to L pub-hsbedin the Mir.kignn Argns, a ncwspaper :„, and cireulatins: in said Cu.ntv of Washtenaw. th, successke week.jprevions tosaid day r.f hcarint (A true copy) THOMAS NINDE 95atd Judge of 1'rob.t,, Esfate of Jane Howe. OTTE0T MICHIGAN, Cbnnty „f Washtenaw „ O Atasessiou ol the Probarte Court lor the Cou'm Wahttnaw, holden atth; Probate Office in theCil ' 'nn Arbor, on Mon.lav the elcvcntb day of A-nr,? ' the year one thou.-and right bundred Md siiti , }' : Present, Thomas Hinde. .Indge of Probte } ' In the matter ot the Estáte of Jane #o# u. , said County, deoeawed. '"ir Onreart„,ga,„lliling the petilion, dulr y„m rfcrlowH. Howe praying for the poMWaT adinmistrator on the estáte 01 said deceaned Thereujion it is Ordered, that FridaT,' th, .,„■. day of May nexi, at oue o'clock in thf afteri be assigned for the hearing of said petitio ,.'i that the heirs at law of aid deeeased and all on persons nterested in eaid estáte, are required u" psar at a session of said Court. tlien to be klL!, the Probate Office, in the City of Ana Arbor iTÜÏ County, and show cause, f any therebe, why thè dm, of thepetitioner shoulduot begranted And it is further ordered, that 'said petit.. fcive notice to the persons intevested in „airt e,t,,t"; the pendency ol sa,d petition, and the hearing thetMV b; causmga copy „f Ihis Order to be publishcd "l Michigan Arg ut & üewsp„per printed and circuit msa.d County of Washten.w, three successiv, w,ÏÏ previous to saio day ol hearing. ' (A true Copy.) THOMAS NINDE, Judge of Probtli Commissioners' Notice. OTATE Oí 'MICHIGAN, County of W.rtten,,, P J . "ndcrs'g'"l'l avin? been appointed br L Probate Court for ,1 County. Comm.ssionerg to ct-ive. examine and a.ljust a!l cairas and (iemand. all persons against the estáte o, (ieorge Danrwtt ' of the Ctj of Ann Arborin said County, decea.ed ki by give notice tliai six tntnths from date, are bt'ïï of said Probate Court, al loired f.,r credilom to „„„ tneir claims acainst said deeeased, and that thir ■', meet at the office of ihe undersigned AlDheu Felel - the City of Ann Arbor, In said County. on SatUrd,,',i ninth day of July, and Mondny the Unth da otlt ber next, at o„r„'cl,ct P. M. ol eaci day, to r„ , mint and acljust s„id claims ' "'"" Datfd, Apnlllth, J8M. %wt Difcli Sale! " V OT1CE is hereby given tht the undersigned ft,v - - ag ( nraisiBB,r, „f Wal,enaw Countv.i "■ o tl„. lou-,.fi, W,Mer at th l,„„Rf, „f Jam„-Sr' " ihe townsblp ol Lo, at one o'cloek P. M, the V, in,t., twohundred and eighty-eight rJs of diteb b idtownhip. nept,, as ark d on St.tio.wH ,1 J. PARPHAIX ! PRIN'CK BKNNETT Drnl!i .1. F. AVK;.Y Í Conunissiw,,,,, Lodi, April lst. Ir)ñ4_ ' Ditch S. V OT1CK M toreby givm Hwt ,ll9 undewigned Dw ■ age Commissipnera will sell to the hisht biifc a toneo'clnd, ■ M tlH.twety.toth,i.rt.%ítiewt ,f Audrw CmpDell, ia ljle ownflli„ f Mm II ditch to be r.adem said twnsliip. Teith aiMil d on ■ ati, n stakt,, wid?h . ]„, Li allVth ""f, ular# inatle known oí, lUy nf j.,-í!p J. J 'ARSHAÍ.J.'. ' I PRIN Ki'lXNETT t . Dnirnj 3. V ATEftY ( öniiQiMiosea, Pittsfielrl, April lst , IS. ' UroAvnclI & Ferrin, GEBTL C01IISUÖX lllCllin; ISo tfouth Water ?lreeiT CHICAGO, IX.LI3STOIS. Dealers in Grain, Flonr, ProvÍ6Íons, ;. eeds, Green and Dried Fruits, Ci-[ der, cêc. lÏÉferencee: l'reston, Wülanl & Keen, Chicago. 8. Botiford 1 f i;o., Ann Arbor, Mii h. S. Particular attention given ta (he talo otGnn Í nd Dried Fruits, Ciñ,-r, .v for the purcl.aae of Clnyer ariJ linoltf ted, Cut Meats, c., promplly attamled tu Í tcf paoied with cash or satisiactorr reffirence. fl'ííí CITY COOPES SHOP, SPAFFOIïü & DODSLET, .successors to O. C. SPAFFORD & D HENMNG, WouW respect f ii lly announce to the citizen ol Am Arbor arid viemlty, th,t tliey are uow naniifictiiTi! aud keep consluntly on hend a Large Assorfment of COOPER WORK! Such as Pork and Cider Barrels, Kegs, Firkins, Chnnu, Well Bnckets, Flour and Apples Barrels, dx. Merchiintp nnd are invited to ezaminítilV Butter Firkins and Beer Kegs. crrsTOM -woiaK:, done to ORDEK on SHORT NOTICE and warranted. fd& Cash paid for Staves, Heaui( and Hoops. Shops corner of Detroit & Korth Sttepie, apdlOT1 of North K I'ilth Sirte ta. &PAFFORD & DODSLEl Ann Arbor, Feb. 6th, 1864. W' Tobacco! Tobacco I I AM SKI.I.15Í6 G00D FINE CUT CHEWING Tft IÍACCO At front Fifttj cents to $1 per powd' SMOKTNG TOBACCO, Front 1 r cents to 20 eents per pounA4 retail. M. DEVANÉ Ann Arbor, Mich., Dor. IT, 1362. 8S3tf - Kifle Factoryi Beutier &. Traver, [Puccessors to A. J. Sutherland,] Manutacturers of and Dealers in Guns, Pistols, Ammunition Flasks, Poitshcs Gami Bagt, " Everjotlier article iu that Line. All kinds of HEFA IH.ÏIWGdone at the shortest notie e, and in tiiebest msoD'f' a full aiisortment always kept on hand and ml o1' jb Shop cíwmer Main i?í W.VoV'# wj5!ltf


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