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Gen. Grant On The Battle-field

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The IleraU's oorrespondent says: Gen. Grant's bfeadquarters were located in a ield betwcon the plank road and a small road lóading to a little hamlet known as Parker's store. During the fighfc, however, he was principally with General Meade, whose headquartejs were on a piney kooll in the rear of Warren's corps. I had seen Grant at Vicksburg and in Tennessee, and his appearanoe was familiar ; but as I strolled through the group of officers reoüning under the trees at hcadquarters I looked for liim some time in vain, suoh was his insignifieant, unpretending aspect and eonduct while the battle was raging in all its fury. A Rtranger to the iDSiguia ot military rank would have little dreamed that the plain quiet man who aat with his back ngainst a tree, apparently heedless and unmoved, was the one upon whom the fortunes of tho day, if not of the age and country, whcro banging. It was only when some aid or orderly rode up in hot hasto with a communication from some portinn of the battle field that his eyes upturned to seek in thnse of the messenger the purport of the message. The consultation with General Meade or the direct euggestion or command - all took place with that same iraperturbability of countenance for which he has always been remarkable. No movement of the enemy seemed to puz zie or disconcert him. Fertilo in resources, the petition for reinforcetnent was SDcedily answered. And whilo all this transpired be stood calmly in the group, at times smoking bis favorite sogar - a more vigorous or a more frequent puffing onlv indi?ating the imvard working of tbe mind. íf somothing trans pired wliich lio deeraed needed bis personal attention, away ho darted to the immediate sceno, witb ono or two of bis aids and an orderly excrting tbeir utmost to keep up with him. Arrived on the spot, be calmly considered the matter roquiring bis nttention, with roady judgment comnmnicated the cecessary orders, and then p-alloped away to another part of the field, or to bis seat boneaih the pino tree, there to enter on the order book sonie record of the battle's progresa. It was amusing again at timp to see him - the Comnmnder -in Chief - wbittling away with bis knifo upon tbe bark of a tree, pnusing now and then to throw in a word or sentenoc in tbe conversation to tbose grouped about, and then going to work witb renewed vigor upon tbe incisión of the pine. The contemplation of tb ís by thosc wbo were witb him at Vicksburg will recall an incident of a similar character in tbat memorable siege. Wben the coiumbiads were mounled in front of Logan's line, Gen. Grant wns desirous of superintending the operations. During tbc preliminary work of eutting the embrasures he mounted tbe epaulement, and, while tbc rebel bullets struek all aröirrtd bim, deliberately wbittled a rail until the guns were placed in posilion.


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